Vincent Van Gogh Wall Mural Paintings Found at HDB Void Deck

Vincent Van Gogh – Famous Artist That Influenced Expressionism in Modern Art

Vincent Van Gogh
About Vincent Van Gogh

I am sure everyone has heard of Vincent Van Gogh back when they are studying Literature in Secondary School. Vincent Van Gogh is widely known for being a Dutch painter back in the 1800s, some of his most popular works are his own self portrait, The Starry Night, Café Terrace at Night and Vase with Fourteen Sunflowers. Currently, his original paintings can be found all over the world at several museums some of them are located at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and The Musée D’orsay, where members of the public are allowed to view them.

Colourful Wall Murals – Replica of The Starry Night, Van Gogh’s Self Portrait and Many More!

Starry Night Over The Rhone
Cafe Terrance at Night

Well, I guess you don’t have to travel that far out to view some of these paintings as there is a HDB void deck in Singapore that was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh paintings as that walls are splashed with vibrant notes of colours. Some of Van Gogh’s well-known works are also replicated on these walls, adding some bright colours to the neighbourhood.

Where to Find? – 56 Pipit Road HDB Void Deck

Social Creative Volunteers

[Image Credit: Social Creatives]

Volunteers from Social Creatives

[Image Credit: Social Creatives]

If you are interested to take a look at the wall murals, you can head down to 56 Pipit Road and you can see the walls of paintings at the void deck! Do you know that it took around 350 people to help vandalise the walls with Van Gogh’s paintings. This project was started by Social Creatives and this is not their first rodeo as they have painted wall murals at other HDBs too! They started off this project to meet and connect with new people through a common denominator – painting!