Market Blue - Brand New Korean Lifestyle Mart At Tanglin Mall

Market Blue

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Tanglin Mall may not be everyone’s first option when it comes to dining or shopping but if you love Korean food, you should head down to take a look. Have you every stayed up late to binge watch on some K – Drama and started craving for some Ramyeon? Well, Market Blue got your back.

Market Blue

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Market Blue has just opened it doors at Tanglin Mall where it is a premium Korean Lifestyle Mart. From Ramyeon, to T-shirts and authentic Korean food, you can find them all at Market Blue.

Colourful Ramyeon Library - $2/packet, buy 10 packets and get 2 free!


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Nothing beats a bowl of Ramyeon when you are feeling hungry late at night. Market Blue has a Ramyeon Library where there is a wide variety of Ramyeon flavours. The Ramyeon Library looks very vibrant, making it the perfect spot for a pic for the ‘gram.

Ramyeon Library

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The shelves are filled with over 20 different Ramyeon packets and they are not your typical Samyang noodles that you can find in a normal supermarket. Take your time to browse through the shelves and pick out 10 packets of Ramyeon to get 2 packets for FREE!

Try Out Authentic Korean Food – Baekban, Rose Tteokbokki & Jeju Tangerine


If you think Korean Food only consists of BBQ or Army Stew, you should take this opportunity to try out other dishes. Baekban is home-cooked Korean food consisting of rice, soup, side dishes and a main dish.

Rose Tteokbokki

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Another highlight at the food section of Market Blue would be the Rose Tteokbokki. The Tteokbokki looks like Udon, but it is very chewy and creamy as it is topped with a mountain of cheese. This dish is also topped with a few Tatter Tots which makes it unique.

Jeju Sweet Tangerine

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Something you must try when you are at Market Blue would be the Jeju Tangerines. These Tangerines are specially imported from Jeju, which makes them very sweet and fresh.

Get Some Beer To Wash Down Your Meal

Beer at Market Blue

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They also serve alcoholic drinks at Market Blue, so you can get a glass of beer after a long day of work. While you chomp down your scrumptious dinner, grab a glass of ice-cold beer to cool yourself down.  

Merch Store – Streetwear Clothing & Famous Korean Ramen Pot

Market Blue

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If you are looking for some comfy streetwear clothing, there are some trendy T-shirts for you. If you frequently watch K-Drama, you will spot the famous golden pot that is always used to cook Ramyeon in K-Dramas.

Photobooth – Take A Memorable Picture The Photobooth, Props Are Provided!

Photobooth at Market Blue

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When you head down to Market Blue, be sure to check out their photobooth. They also have a few cute props set up inside the photobooth for you to use them.

Do note that Market Blue is not Halal Certified

Market Blue

Market Blue

Address: 163 Tanglin Rd, Tanglin Mall, #B1-122/124, Singapore 247933

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm

Contact Info: Market Blue Instagram