7 Dinosaur Themed Places to take your Dino-Loving Kids

Dinosaur Themed Places

Dinosaurs will forever live in our hearts and in our minds. Even though its been centuries since we've last seen them, it doesn't stop our childlike fascination and interest towards discovering these ferociously cool species. Bring your young paleontologists around town and have fun making new discoveries and living among the Dinosaurs of Singapore.

1. The Lost World @ Universal Studios Singapore

It's no surprise that this would be our first pick. USS is the best place to go to have fun and experience thrilling rides. Walk or better yet FLY with the dinosaurs and soar the skies on this flying dinosaurs - or Pteranodons.

While there are many other amazing attractions to visit, don't forget to keep an eye out on Baby Dinosaurs roaming around the park. Catch a Raptor Encounter with Blue or witness the hatching of a baby dinosaur hatching from its egg. There's also a Jurassic Gift Shop where you can purchase cool Dino merch and be a dinosaur yourself.

Purchase your tickets with this link.

[*All Images Credit : Resorts World Sentosa]

Universal Studios Sentosa (USS)

Address: Resorts World Sentosa, 8 Sentosa Gateway, 098269

Opening Hours:
Daily, 11am - 6pm

Child (Ages 4 to 12) - Starting at SGD 56
Adult - Starting at SGD 66

2. Jewel-rassic Quest @ Changi Airport

When prehistoric dinosaurs meets modern technology, you get to experience an Augmented Reality world with Dinosaurs. Teleport 89 million years back to the Cretaceous period and get face to face with enormous dinosaurs walking alongside you. Complete the mission and solve the clues as a Cadet Ranger armed a TimeLens.

It's your mission to seize the power and save the day before the dinosaurs start going wild and start attacking humans. Whip out your cameras and take pictures along the way for a memorable time with these prehistoric creatures. 

Purchase your tickets with this link.

[*All Images Credit : Jewel Changi Airport]

Jewel Changi Airport

Address: Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Boulevard 819666 (Level 1 Concierge Counter)

Opening Hours: Daily
First Timeslot - 10.30am
Last Timeslot- 5.30pm

Standard - SGD 25
Singapore Resident- SGD 22

3. Jurassic Mile Changi Airport

Run, walk or cycle along Singapore's first outdoor display filled with over 20 prehistoric life-sized dinosaurs. Expect to see some carnivores, herbivores and even the ones that fly high to the sky. Try and spot the many different types of dinosaurs you can see.

Start posing like a roaring dinosaur and snap a few pictures. Just see how tiny you'd be next to these humungous creatures and keep a look out for any dinosaur eggs - especially ones from a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It'll be the only time you'll be bigger than the dinosaur before it grows up to 42 feet or 12.8 meters.

Ps. Please do your part and keep the place clean. Do not vandalize the area.

[*All Images Credit :Changi Airport]

Changi Jurassic Mile

Address: Singapore Changi Airport

Opening Hours: 24 Hours

Free of Charge

4. Dinosaurs at Antarctica @ Science Centre

Ever wonder about the how dinosaurs lived before the Big Bang? Here's a digital movie you can catch in Science Centre's Omni-Theatre to know more about the Dinosaurs of Antarctica. 

Explore the various prehistoric reptiles and their habitats. Discover the hidden secrets of dinosaurs and join Antarctic scientists on uncovering and understanding the ice continent's dramatic transformation from a warm habitat to being the coldest place on earth. 

Reserve your tickets with this link.

[*All Images Credit : Science Centre Singapore]

Science Centre Singapore

Address: Singapore Science Centre 15 Science Centre Road609081

Opening hours: 
Tuesdays - Sundays
10:00am - 5:00pm (Last Entry: 4:15pm)

*Closed on Mondays except for Public Holidays and the gazetted school holidays
Screening times: 12pm / 2pm / 4.20pm 


SGD 14 per person
Singaporean/ PR
Child & Adult - SGD 14 per person
Senior Citizen (Ages 60 & Above) - SGD 12 per person

5. Kidsstop's 'Dino Pit' @ Science Centre

[Image Credit: Angels Yeung]

It's time to put your Paleontology skills to use in the Dino Pit. Grab a bucket and your tools and start uncovering hidden fossils. You can work solo or gather a team and work together to discover dinosaur bones like the skull of a T-Rex.

[Image Credit: Science Centre Singapore]

Reserve your tickets with this link.

KidsSTOP@ Science Centre Singapore

Address: Singapore Science Centre 15 Science Centre Road609081

Opening Hours: 

Tuesdays - Sundays 

10:00am - 1:00pm (Last Entry: 12:15pm)
2:00pm - 5:00pm (Last Entry: 4:15pm)

*Closed on Mondays except for Public Holidays and the gazetted school holidays


Standard Ticket
Peak Hours
Adult - SGD 13
Child (Ages 18 months to 8) - SGD 23
Senior Citizen (Ages 60 and above) - SGD 13

Off Peak Hours
Adult - SGD 10
Child (Ages 18 months to 8) - SGD 20
Senior Citizen (Ages 60 and above) - Free of Charge

Peak Hours
Adult - SGD 5
Child (Ages 18 months to 8) - SGD 10
Senior Citizen (Ages 60 and above) - SGD 5

Off Peak Hours
Adult - SGD 2
Child (Ages 18 months to 8) - SGD 5
Senior Citizen (Ages 60 and above) - Free of Charge

6. Uncle Ringo’s ‘Dinosaur Park’

Here's another Dinosaur Park for you. There are many realistic-looking dinosaurs plastered all over this 'garden of terror'. But wait do you know what's the closest thing to a dinosaur? A Dragon. There are also dragons all over this park where you can snap a picture with. Don't be afraid to get close, they won't bite.

[Image Credit: Uncle Ringo]


Uncle Ringo Club

Address: 50 Punggol East (behind Riveria LRT), end of Tebing Lane

Opening Hours: 

Wednesdays - Sundays 
5pm - 8pm

Prices: Starting at SGD5 per entry

7. Dinosaur Waterpark @ Causeway Point

 It's a roarin time! Splash around with the dinosaurs at this dino-theme water park.  Expect to spot T-Rex, Pterodactyl, and Triceratops among many other creatures. The park has a gigantic dinosaur rib cage, spraying water jets, water slides and more.

Take your chances and circle around this active water-spewing volcano and wait for it to erupt! Be sure to bring an extra set of clothes and play with care. 

[Image Credit: Causeway Point]

Dino-themed Playground @ Causeway Point

Address: 1 Woodlands Square (S)738099, Level 7

Opening Hours: 

Daily, 10.30am - 9pm

Prices: Free of Charge