Escape The Hustle And Bustle Of City Life At St John's Island

St John's Island

Looking for a mini getaway during the weekends but you are not sure what you can do? There are many islands in Singapore that you can visit to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. St John’s Island is one of many islands in Singapore, here are some things you can do at St John’s Island.

Price Of Ferry Tickets To St John's Island

St. John’s Island

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First things first, in order to get to St John’s Island, you will have to book ferry tickets to get there. A two-way ticket cost around $15 but it depends on which site you are booking from. Hop on the ferry and you will reach St John’s Island in 35 to 45 minutes.

Rent A Bicycle, Scooter And Other Items From Gogreen To Have A Perfect Day Out On The Island

Gogreen St John Island

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Take a 5-minute walk from the St John Island Pier and you will be able to see this new bike kiosk, Gogreen. You might have heard of Gogreen before as they also provide rental services at Sentosa island. 

Gogreen St John's Island

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You can rent bicycles and scooters for $22 per 2 hours at the bike kiosk. Gogreen also allows you to rent a waterproof tent, beach mats and kites at their kiosk. This helps save you the time and effort to bring your own equipment as Gogreen provides everything for a perfect day out at St John’s Island!

Learn More About Singapore's Conservation At National Marine Laboratory

St John's Island National Marine Laboratory

Now you can easily hop on a bicycle and explore the hidden areas of St John's Island. Cruise down the trail to St John's Island National Marine Laboratory to learn more about Singapore's marine conservation efforts! 

Chill And Have A Picnic By The Beach While You Enjoy The Sea Breeze

St. John’s Island

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There are nature trails at St John's Island too, so after cycling through the flora and fauna you can take a break at St John's Island Beach. You can even bring along camping chairs to St John's Island and chill along the beachside.

Hidden Gem At St John's Island, Perfect For Some Alone Quiet Time

Lazarus Beach

If you are feeling more adventurous, you can even cycle down to Lazarus Beach. It is a hidden gem as not many people will visit Lazarus Beach, so you can have some quiet time or a picnic with your friends while the sea breeze is blowing at you. 

Bring Your Furry Friends With You To Explore St John's Island Nature Trails

St. John’s Island

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If you did not know, you can even bring your pets to St John's Island. So feel free to let the dogs out to explore nature with you!

Break Your Personal Fishing Record For The Biggest Catch 

St. John’s Island

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Fishing enthusiasts would know that St John's Island is a fishing hotspot for Barracuda, Snapper, Seabass and many more. If you are looking for a new place to fish at, St John's Island is a place you must check out!


Fishing at St John Island

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Look at this huge fish at was caught at St John's Island, head down now to see if you can break your own fishing personal record!

St John's Island

Address: 1 St John’s Island, Singapore 098602

Operating Hours: 24 Hours