Tuft Club Singapore - The Perfect Place For A Date

Looking for a new date place to impress your date? Tuft Club is the perfect place for you to bring your date along. Continue reading to find out why Tuft Club is an ideal place for date nights.

Perfect Place For A Date Night That Is Located Near The CBD Area

Tuft Club Singapore

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Located at Circular Road, Tuft Club is a convenient place for some after-dinner activities. After bringing your date to some fancy restaurant in town, you can take a long walk along the CDB area to get to Tuft Club.

Many Colourful Cotton Yarns For You To Choose From

Tuft Club

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Tuft Club is Singapore’s first rug tufting studio so you and your partner can try tufting some rugs for each other. At Tuft Club, they allow you to get creative and choose whatever design you want for your rugs. They also provide 25 different colours of cotton yarns, so feel free to explore!

Choose A Simple Design If You Are A Beginner

Tuft Club

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For beginners, I would recommend you choose a simple design as it can get quite tiring to hold your tufting gun as each session takes 4.5 hours to complete. Get started and sketch out the design you have chosen on the monk’s cloth.

Friendly Instructors That Will Guide You Along

Tuft Club

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After you are done sketching the design, you can start tufting. Don’t worry as there will be an instructor there to guide you along the way. Once you are comfortable with manoeuvring the tufting gun, you can go ahead and start tufting on your own.

Impress Your Date With Your Art Work!

Tuft Club

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So, for the next few hours, you can tuft rugs for your partner while you engage in an interesting conversation to get to know them better. Before you know it, you will be done with your rugs and you can impress them with your artwork.

Head Down To Tuft Club To Unleash Your Creativity

Tuft Club

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Come on down to Tuft Club now with your partner to try out something new and unleash your creativity.

Tuft Club Singapore


Tuft Club

Address: 57 Circular Road, #03-01, Singapore 049412

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 10:00am - 10:00pm | Closed on Tuesday

Contact Info: 8023 0237 | Tuft Club Website | Tuft Club Facebook