10 Super Haunted Buildings in Singapore for Dark Copers

To commemorate the return of Halloween Horror Nights, here's one for all the horror lovers on the Most Haunted Places in Singapore. If you're brave enough, we invite you to grab your binoculars, lay a blanket and camp the night to catch these legends in action. 

1. The 'Infamous' Yellow Tower - East Coast Park

The Amber Beacon Tower a.k.a The Yellow Tower. 
One of Singapore's most heinous murder remains unsolved after over three decades: The Attack of Kelly Tan @ The Yellow Tower
The young couple, Kelly Tan and her then boyfriend, once strolled through this same area at night years ago. The unfortunate woman was brutally gang-raped by masked thugs at the stairs of the tower, where she was then stabbed to death while her boyfriend was rendered unconscious. The offenders were never caught till this day.
Ongoing reports continue to pour in about hearing wailing sounds coming from the top of the tower and fresh bloodstains appearing on the railing and stairs.
There have been many reports of a white figure circling the tower, and many people think it is her restless soul pleading for justice.

2. The Missing Recruit - Pulau Tekong

A similar looking bunk to the Rumored 3-door room [Image adapted by Basic Military Training Centre Media Team]
The story that gets told the most is about a young man from Charlie Company who was on his 16-kilometer route march when he got separated from the group. After a search party was organized, his platoon commander found the recruit's field pack items neatly displayed on the mud, leading up to his lifeless body hanging on a tree. That's not all. His internal organs, including his intestines, were violently torn out and lined up within the perimeter. 
[Image adapted by MyCarForum]
Afterwards, famously assumed to be the vengeful spirit of the recruit, many claim to hear his voice at night, and witness the beds in his former bunk frequently shake for no apparent reason. To force the spirit out, a Taoist priest suggested adding a third door in addition to the two already present. The third door was built and secured with a padlock to keep the spirit inside. Till today, that bunk still has three doors, while all the other bunks in Tekong just have two. 

3. The 'Red' Suicide of Blk 99 - Bedok

Block 99, Bedok North Ave 4. Some blocks of the HDB flats had to be abandoned for years because of this case.
A family of 3 were facing many problems living at this block. From the chase of loan sharks to the husbands consistent demands for divorce after having an affair with another woman. Finally, something snapped in the woman making her do the unthinkable. After throwing her sleeping 3-year old child down 25 stories, she followed suit wearing a bright red dress– her wedding gown, leaving nothing but a blood-written message scribbled on the wall:

It's not over, darling.

[Image adapted from Daily Mail]


Time passed and the adulterous husband lived with his mistress and 3 year-old son at that same block. One night, the child ran crying saying that his "brother" was bullying him. The father then heard familiar cries and nighttime banging of cabinet doors coming from the child's room. The parents released sighs of relief when seeing the child's room empty, only to hear screams coming from their own room. They found their child standing on the edge of the widow with the grilles pried open, smiling, laughing and finally leaping into the darkness. Investigators found a four chilling words in black on the walls of the parents room:

This is for mommy.

Years have passed, but till today, many people still hear the laugher of a boy and a woman in the middle of the night.

4. Changi Old Beach Houses

[Image adapted from IMDA]

Changi Beach served as the location of the infamous Sook Ching massacre during World War II, and many people claim that the ghosts of the innocent victims still wander the beach at night, weeping and wailing.

[Image adapted by About My Story]

People have also complained about doors creaking open and shut non-stop, and at night, witnesses claim to have heard a woman wailing.

Additionally, witnesses claim to hear eerie screams and see bloody stains appear on the sand with headless bodies walking along the beach.
People have reported feeling like they were stared at and some have even returned home with scars. 

5. The 'Abandoned' Cemetery - Bukit Brown

Abandoned + Cemetery + Pontianak = A Horror fanatic's dream come true
Sightings of an old lady fanning herself in a bright red cheongsam and the ever-present pontianak have been spotted in the forests of this eerie abandoned site.
Singapore Paranormal Investigators once camped there to look for any supernatural disturbances, only to have their equipment's batteries mysteriously run out of power.

As if that weren't disturbing enough, at night the cemetery has reportedly been filled with evil laughter. It's a definite haven for dark copers and thrill seekers who dream of becoming the next ghostbuster. 

6. The Life-sized Chessboard - St John's Island

[Image adapted by 3PlayGrounds]
This well-known vacation spot hides a gruesome past of being a former quarantine ground for immigrants carrying diseases like Cholera and Leprosy, and the site of the mass execution in WWII.
Within the island still lies the life-sized chessboard where the Japanese soldiers played chess with POWs as living chess pieces. With every “captured” piece, a prisoner is being beheaded on the spot.
Many guests who stayed in the vacation bungalows claimed to hear screams and the sounds of marching boots at night.

Students on school trips have also reported paranormal encounters, including seeing 'blurry' soldiers and locked doors.

8. The Red House - Pasir Ris

[Image adapted from Explorersg]

The first out of 3 infamous coloured houses in Singapore. According to a legend, a man murdered his wife and kids inside the home before hanging himself from a large, old tree behind the home. There are rumors that the ghosts are still present in the compound. 

According to reports, when investigating the house, ghost hunters came across a doll-filled rocking chair made of rattan. Others claim to have heard a child laughing evilly while running around the house. It was said that the wide-eyed dolls and lion statues situated around the house would stare at the visitors as they pass the gates. Later, it was dubbed the Red House, one of Singapore's three most well-known colored haunted houses.

Since 2014, it has been renovated and made into a preschool.
191 Jalan Loyang Besar


9. The White House

[Image adapted from Asia One]

The second coloured house in Singapore: The White House a.k.a The Matilda House. 

After surviving through 2 entire World Wars and the modernization of Singapore, it continues to stand strong with rumors of it housing evil spirits. The Matilda House is not known to have seen any deaths or murders, but local villages claim to occasionally see a woman with long hair sitting atop a tree looking out for unwanted visitors.

The legend also claims that 3 construction workers died mysteriously while the Matilda House was set to be demolished. Plans to tear down the house were abandoned as it is believed that an ancestral spirit still resides in there, stopping anyone who tries to tear it down. Now, it continues to stand as the clubhouse for “A Treasure Trove” condominium where paranormal activities continue to occur to residents. 


10. The Green House

[Image adapted from RememberSg]
Last but not least, The Green House a.k.a. The Hillview Mansion. Urban explorers who entered the mansion before it was demolished reported experiencing paranormal events, despite the fact that no confirmed ghost sightings had ever been reported. In particular, a wimping noise that is supposed to be the mistress's ghost can be heard.
The mansion was commissioned by Chua Boon Peng, ex-chairman of Cycle & Carriage Industries Pte Ltd. Its construction came to an abrupt stop with reasons unknown. Rumors on the internet speculated 3 popular reasons:
1. The tragic death of a mistress who fell to her death from the balcony while inspecting the mansion's construction as part of a routine inspection.
2. Mr. Chua was compelled by the loans to sell off a number of his possessions, including the land on which Hillview Mansion once stood.
3, Singaporean government ordered that construction of the Hillview Mansion be halted due to security reasons.
What's more mysterious is that 2 major landslides occurred at the exact same location where the mansion once stood. It may be a coincidence or an unknown force causing these events to happen.