Heavenly Fishing Experience at Batam View Resort!

Wayne Fishing From Batam Villa

Meet Wayne!

Wayne is one of the founders of SGFishingRigz. They are a young, fun and dynamic angling company founded by friends from Temasek Poly. These guys managed to complete their diploma while still running a fishing business. 

Wayne fishes anywhere, everywhere and at anytime. We invited him to help us review the fishing activities at Batam View Resort. So let's join him with his fishing adventures at Batam View Resort! 

Fishing from Batam View Villa 

Fishing Villa

With An Abundance of Sea Surrounding Their Villa's, All You need is a Rod, Bait (get it from the hotel) and some luck!

Villa Fishing

But if you notice, Wayne is looking rather stress in this photo. It seems that he has been fishing for 3hrs and has not caught anything! Apparently, out of his excitement, he is fishing at the wrong time 😂!!. It is low tide (you can see all corals along the shores) and there are no fish when its low tide.

The best time to fish at the Villas are when the tide is high (usually in the morning or late evening at 5pm). 

Villa Fishing

He finally admitted to his miscalculation and is now taking a chill pill while waiting for the tide. And that is one of the best things to do with Villa Fishing. You can fish anytime, you can fish in an aircon environment, chill with a cup of hot coffee and just soak in the atmosphere while waiting for the fish bite. 

Villa Fishing with Friends & Family

Villa Fishing

And when the fish is not biting, you can always in rope in more friends and catch up with the lost time together (like what Wayne decided to do).

(Next time, dont sleep at 5am Wayne!)

Introducing Another Hidden Treasure; The Batam View Resort Jetty! 

Kelong Fishing

Kelong Fishing

Comes with Free Buggy Service To/From Jetty

Buggy Car

The Jetty is about 100m in length and 5mins walk from Batam View Resort. There is also a free buggy service provided to bring you and your equipments over (Talk about Pampering Yourself)

This Time Wayne Invited His SGFishingRigz Fishing Kaki's to the Jetty

Jetty Fishing

Meet Lucas! He is a partner at SGFishingRigz and also an avid angler. Within an hour of fishing, he caught a Baraccuda! Apparently the Jetty at Batam View Resort is infested with Barracudas.


Jetty Fishing

Not long later, Wayne is Smiling Again! He caught a Baby Barracuda and a Tusk Fish using his Ajing setup.

Suddenly Out of Nowhere! They Hook on to a Huge Fish! 

Jetty FishingJetty Fishing

Lucas Caught a Wild Mangrove Jack with his favourite Yumada Jig & Eupro Rod. They manage to carry it up to the jetty using their handmade Gaff. Everyone was all smiles. 

Jetty Fishing

That Night, Lucas Caught Another decent sized Grouper. Again with his new love, the Yumada Jig & Eupro Rod. 

Catch & Grill by The Chef! 

Kelong Fishing

The Chef offered to cook the Mangrove Jack for us. The next day, we had it grill by the beach with the Chef's special sauce and boy, was it delicious! The Mangrove Jack meat is soooo juicy, soft and tender. There is absolutely no fishy smell and you cannot have enough of it. Simply Out of the World Experience!

We donated the barracudas, groupers and other fish we caught to the local villagers there.

Batam View Resort Jetty is also a Stingray & Shovel Nose Hotspot

Batam View Beach Resort Jetty

These are some of fish caught by their staff. When the local fish there, you know its a good spot. 

Jet Ski Fishing
Don't Try This at Home!

Jetski Fishing

Jet Ski Fishing Jet Ski Fishing Jet Ski Fishing Jet Ski Fishing

Streetdirectory Team with SGFishingRigz 

SGFishingRigz at Batam

We do not recommended that you do Jetski Fishing at Batam View. Instead the resort have other options like renting their boat to fish together with the villagers. You can also request for their angling staff to assist you when you are fishing by the Jetty. 

Fishing Equipments Used by SGFishingRigz Team

This Article is Sponsored by Batam View Beach Resort. www.batamview.com

  • Fishing at The Resort Jetty & Villa is free for all their guests.

  • Boat Fishing rates are IDR 2.18Mil (est SGD$200, 5 to 9 hrs for 5 Pax)