Pick Up Skimboarding At Skim Alley - Singapore's Only Skimboarding Pool

Skim Alley

I am sure you have heard of Sailing, Paddleboarding and Kayaking, but have you heard of Skimboarding? Skimboarding is done on shallow waters by gliding over the top of the water to meet an incoming wave. Skim Alley is the one and only place for you to try out Skimboarding in Singapore!

Skim Alley [Image credits : @SKIM ALLEY]

Skim Alley is located in the hidden corners of Heritage Chalet in Pasir Ris, giving you some peace and quiet in the hidden corners of Singapore.

To start of your Skimboarding session, you will have to don on a pair of aqua shoes. Aqua shoes are provided for your session so don’t worry if you don’t have a pair! It can get very slippery in the Skimboarding pool, which is why the instructors there will ask you to put on a pair of aqua shoes.

Skim Alley[Image credits : @skimalley_]

Now you can grab onto a Skimboard and you can start skimming on the 35m long Skimboarding pool! Skim Alley also carries homemade boards built by the Singapore skimboarding community in addition to store-bought ones. With splashes of paint covering the hard wood, making the boards pop off in colours.

Skim Alley[Image credits : skimalley]

Now you are ready to glide across streams of water! Don’t be afraid if it’s your first time trying out Skimbording as there will be instructors there to guide you. Your instructor will definitely teach you the basics of Skimboarding to get you started. 

Skim ALley[Image credits : skimalley]

Once you are comfortable on the board, be sure to ask your instructor if he can teach you some cool tricks! Maybe you might even be able to do an ollie after your session at Skim Alley. 

Skim Alley[Image credits : SKIM ALLEY]

Have a splashing good time at Skim Alley with your friends and family, a fun way to cool down from the hot weather while learning a new sport!

Skim Alley

Address: Heritage Chalet, 125A Pasir Ris Rd, Singapore 519121

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 10:00am - 10:00pm

Contact Info: 9856 5314 | Skim Alley Website