10 Good LASIK Surgery Clinics in Singapore? Get Your perfect Eyesight Now!

Where to do Lasik & Get The Perfect Eyesight?

Important : Please note that you cannot use Medisave or Insurance to pay for Lasik? 

Refractive surgery is not Medisave deductible, unless there is a difference of more than 300 degrees of refractive errors between your eyes and in the presence of spectacle or contact lens intolerance. Nevetheless, although vision correction surgery is a “cosmetic” operation, the freedom it gives you is priceless.

While Lasik eye surgery maybe abit painful to your wallet, it is not a painful procedure
. Your surgeon will place some numbing eye drops into both of your eyes (at the start of your procedure) to remove the pain. 

Here are the 10 LASIK Surgery Clinics in Singapore.

1.  Clearvision Eye Clinic & Lasik Centre ★★★★☆ 

Clearvision Lasik Surgery

    ↳ Clearvision Eye Clinic & Lasik Centre
         Location : Nutmeg Court6 Nutmeg Road(S)228337


Is it Possible to have LASIK Surgery twice?
Yes, though this is usually only done 5 to 10 years after the initial treatment. However, LASIK is meant to offer long-term vision correction, and very few people require a second session (as long as your practice good eye habits).


    2.  LSC Eye Clinic ★★★★☆ 

        ↳ LSC Eye Clinic (Formerly The Lasik Surgery Clinic)
             Location : Paragon Medical #16-01/02, 290 Orchard Rd(S)238859


    Can I Go Blind with Lasik?
    Really? There are no reported cases of blindness due to LASIK surgery itself. In a recent study, it was discovered that patients actually have a 34 times higher risk of going blind from a contact lens infection than going blind from LASIK.  


      3.  Eagle Eye Centre ★★★★☆

      Eagle Eye CentreEEC is one of the first eye clinic to integrate ophthalmic and optometric eye care under one roof, and offers a comprehensive range of services including: refractive surgery, presbyopia treatment, cataract surgery, retina services, corneal transplants, glaucoma and diabetic eye treatments, management of ocular inflammations, myopia screening and myopia control.

      ↳ Eagle Eye Centre (7 Outlets)
           Location : Mount Alvernia Hospital #02/11-17, 820 Thomson Road(S)574623


      What is the Cost of Lasik?
      The estimate cost (private specialists) are as follows;
      • Advanced Surface Ablation (PRK, Epi-LASIK, LASEK, TransPRK): $3,800 to $5,000
      • LASIK : $3,900 to $5,000
      • ReLEx SMILE : $5,300 to $6,000

        4. Jerry Tan Eye Surgery ★★★★☆
        Dr. Jerry Tan is the first to perform LASIK in Singapore in 1996. 

        He was also the first to perform myopic, hyperopic, Topography-guided, Wavefront-guided, Wavefront enhanced LASIK and LASIK Xtra™ in Singapore. To date, he has performed more than 13,000 LASIK surgeries. He has published many articles in international books and journals on LASIK. To conclude, you are in safe hands :-)

         Jerry Tan Eye Surgery 
            Location : Mount Alvernia Hospital #02/11-17, 820 Thomson Road(S)574623


        5.  Shinagawa Lasik Centre ★★★★☆

        Shinagawa EYE Centre

        ↳ Shinagawa Lasik Centre
            Location : Wheelock Place #05-01, 501 Orchard Road(S)238880


        6. SNEC Laser Vision Centre

        (SNEC) Laser Vision Centre (LVC)

        You can also opt to do your lasik at The Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) Laser Vision Centre (LVC), Clinic 5C. LVC is government affiliated and cost almost half the fees as compared to the private sectors. LVC focuses on patient experience for refractive surgery, cataract surgery and comprehensive ophthalmology services.

        Estimated Lasik Procedure Cost (Pls contact LVC as prices may change)

        • Pre-Op Consultation : S$117.70 (Consultant) or S$132.68 (Snr Consultant)
        • LASIK Suitability Assessment : S$85.60
        • LASIK Surgery (Bladeless) : S$1,498 (SNEC Assigned Doctor), S$1,659 (Consultant) & S$1,766 (Snr Consultant)

        ↳ SNEC Laser Vision Centre (located at Clinic 5C LVC)
        11 Third Hospital Avenue, SNEC Building Level 5, (S)168751
        Tel:  (65) 6227 7266 (Appointments), (65) 6322 8891 (Enquiries)
        Email: laservisioncentre@snec.com.sg


        7. Nova Eye Centre

        Nova Eye Centre

        Nova Eye Centre

        ↳ Nova Eye Centre 
        81 Marine Parade Central, #01-642 (S)440081

        8. ATLAS Eye Specialist Centre

        9. Asia Pacific Eye Centre

        10. Asia Retina Eye Surgery Centre Pte Ltd




        You will be disqualified from doing Lasik if you have certain conditions, such as autoimmune diseases (e.g., lupus, rheumatoid arthritis), immunodeficiency states (e.g., HIV) and diabetes, and some medications (e.g., retinoic acid and steroids) may prevent proper healing after a refractive procedure. You actively participate in contact sports

        This article is sponsored by Clearvision Eye Clinic & Lasik Centre