Co Chung Vietnamese Restaurant That Serves Authentic Vietnamese Food

There are many Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore and we are no strangers to the cuisine. With big Vietnamese brands such as NamNam and Mrs Pho, but have you heard of Co Chung?

Co Chung - Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant 

Co Chung

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Co Chung is a Vietnamese restaurant that serves authentic Vietnamese food that brings you back to the streets of Hanoi. Currently, Co Chung has 2 outlets – Plaza Singapura and Boat Quay. You can head over to the restaurant for some comfort food after a long day of work!

Fresh Spring Rolls - Classic Vietnamese Side Dish

Co Chung

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Get their Fresh Spring Rolls that come in 4 pieces and share them among you and your friend. Wrapped with a clear rice paper roll with pork, shrimp, vegetables and chives, this is the classic dish to get at Co Chung.

Bo La Lot - Great Appetiser To Share Among Friends

Co Chung

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If you are going Co Chung with a group of people, order their Bo La Lot instead. Ba La Lot is grilled beef with lolot pepper leaves and thin vermicelli. Dip the thin vermicelli and grilled beef in the special fish sauce which enhances the flavour of the dish.

Pho Beef Soup - Sweet And Savoury Broth 

Co Chung Vietnamese Restaurant

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When it comes to Vietnamese food, most of us think of Pho. The Pho Beef Soup at Co Chung is served separately from the broth, giving you the experience to pour yourself a bowl of Pho. They are also generous with the beef slices, definitely comfort food on a rainy day.

"Broken Rice" - Tender And Juicy Grilled Pork Rice

Co Chung Vietnamese Restaurant

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Another main you can try is the “Broken Rice” served with Grilled Pork and Sunny Side Up. How this dish got its name as “Broken Rice” is because it is made using broken rice gains. The Grilled Pork is also very tender and the meat is very juicy.

Water Fern Cakes - Savoury Dish That Goes Well With Chilli Padi

Co Chung

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Water Fern Cakes is a popular Vietnamese savoury dish that is made using rice flour, tapioca flour, shrimp, crispy pork skin, scallion oil and sweet fish sauce. This dish is similar to Chwee Kueh, you should eat the Water Fern Cakes with chilli padi if you want a kick of spice.

Traditional Hanoi Egg Coffee - Aromatic Coffee That Brings Back Memories Of Vietnam

Co Chung

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Do not miss out on this cup of Hanoi Egg Coffee, a drink that combines the tastes of Vietnamese coffee and freshly beaten eggs. The aroma of the coffee will definitely bring back memories of you walking down the streets of Vietnam.

Co Chung

Address: 5 Lor Telok, Singapore 049018

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00am – 10:00pm

Contact Info: 8876 8137 | Co Chung Facebook