7 Must Do Things at Batam

Batam is just a 45 minutes ferry ride away from Singapore. It is one of the more popular country for Singaporeans to visit as it is a cheap and relaxing place. Here are some of things you must do when you’re visiting Batam!

1. Stay at Montigo Resorts & Try Out Their Dirt Track ATV

Montigo Resorts, Nongsa Jetty

Stay at the Luxurious 5 Star Resort & Show Off Your Driving Skill Using Their ATV Vehicles

Just 5 minutes away from the Nonsapura Ferry Terminal is Montigo Resorts, Nongsa - A luxurious 5 star resort with over a hundred modern villas with amazing view of the sea to accommodate their guests. They provide many activities for all generations, from children to grandparents. Some of the activities includes Dirt Track ATV, Fishing at their jetty and the Interactive Tilo Kids Club.

For all the thrill seekers out there, you should really try out their Dirt Track ATV! Montigo Resorts, Nongsa provides 2 different types of vehicles, the ATV Viar and FIN Komodo. There are 3 different tracks for you to explore - Montigo Track, Mountain Track and Jungle Track.

Our team actually managed to try out their jungle track during our stay at Montigo Resorts, Nongsa and managed to capture the breath taking views! Take on the challenge and cruise through the rough terrains at the jungle track to get your adrenaline pumping! (P.S. We advice you to wear shoes and long pants to cover up yourself as the tracks can be quite muddy.)

2. Have a Nice Lunch at Morning Bakery

Enjoy Their Delicious and Freshly Baked Pastries and Local Halal Dishes 

Morning Bakery has 3 locations in Batam and they provide a wide variety of halal dishes at each of their outlets.

The outlet we visit was a 30 minutes car ride away from Montigo Resorts, Nongsa. When we arrived, we were greeted with the aroma of freshly baked goods and ground coffee beans. The shop had 2 levels and both levels were packed with customers enjoying their breakfast.

Morning Bakery’s extensive menu includes western food, local delights and even chinese food. We highly encourage you to check out Morning bakery when you are in Batam and try out their pastries.

3. Go Fishing at Barelang Pond

Guaranteed That You Will Be Able To Catch A Grouper Between 2pm to 5pm As It Is The Best Time To Fish 

Barelang Pond is home to many humongous groupers and is a good fishing spot as you will definitely be able to catch a fish from the pond. We managed to catch groupers that weighed around 20kg when we visited Barelang and it was an eventful fishing session as we did not expect us to be able to catch so many groupers.

2 of our new interns at Street Directory managed to catch at least 5 to 6 groupers during our session and the best part is that it was their first time fishing! We believe this place would be the perfect spot for fishing enthusiasts to visit in Batam, however do note that Barelang Pond is meant for catch and release fishing sessions.

4. Spoil Yourself At The Spa Secret

Be Spoiled By The Many Different Types of Spa Packages At An Affordable Rate

Head down to The Spa Secret, which is located right opposite of Nagoya Hills Shopping Centre and enjoy a relaxing spa session to relieve your stress. The Secret Spa is a place that provide traditional Indonesian massages at an reasonable rate and their services are superb. 

Prior to the visit, we made reservations for 3 pax to try out the Balinese Aromatic Spa and the Green Tea Spa with Facial. Both of these packages lasted 2.5 hours each which costs SGD$86 and SGD $99 respectively. When we visited The Spa Secret, we were greeted by the receptionists with a warm welcome and were led to our rooms. 

The room was lighted with scented candles that were placed around the room and there was even a in-built jacuzzi inside. The entire experience was very relaxing and the massage therapist was very experienced as she managed to hit every spot to loosen the tight muscles on my body. I ended the session with a 20 minutes dip in the jacuzzi that had strong water massage jets to stimulate my muscles and blood flow. 

Overall, I would recommend everyone to check out The Spa Secret as it is worth the money as it would typically cost more than a SGD$100 for a 2.5 hours massage. The Spa Secret also has many other unique spa packages such as the Coffee Spa and the Chocolate Spa if you want to try out something new.

5. Eat Durians by The Roadside

Try Out Durians That Were Grown On Local Kampongs Grounds, It May Not Taste As Good As MaoShanWang Durian But It Still Tastes Yummy.

If you were ever craving for durian during your trip in Batam, fret not, as there are many different durian stalls located along the roadside around Batam. Many of the locals there own plots of lands and they grow many different kinds of fruits, one of it being durian. 

These homegrown durians are lighter in colour compared to MaoShanWang durian, usually in pale yellow but they mainly taste sweet with a hint of bitterness to it. Immerse in the local experience by standing by the roadside and enjoy durians that are grown on kampong grounds!

6. Enjoy A Nice Cup of Coffee at Toko Kopi Hana! 


[Photo Adapted by Toko Kopi Hana]

Enjoy Some Sweet Treats At An Aesthetic Café After An Rejuvenating Time At The Spa Secret

Just a stone's throw away from The Spa Secret, you will be able to find Toko Kopi Hana that is located right at the end of the alley. This café has a minimalistic aesthetic and they provide Maincourse, Pasta, Finger Food, Hanah Croffle, Coffee and other refreshing lattes.

After a energising spa session, we walked over to Toko Kopi Hana and ordered the Hana's Platter with some ice coffee as we were famished. Their Hana's Platter came with some fries, chicken bites, nuggets and hotdogs which was enough to satisfy our hunger before we head back to the resort for dinner. Have a heart to heart conversation with your friends over a hot cuppa at Toko Kopi Hana after an rejuvenating time at The Spa Secret!


7. See Who is The Last Man Standing in a Paintball Fight!

Indodynasty Paintball Park
Paintball in Batam
Paintball in Batam
Challenge Your Friends to A Round of Paintball and See Who is the Last Man Standing!
If you are looking for some exciting activities to do in Batam, you can check out Indo Dynasty Paintball Park that is located very near to Batam View Beach Resorts. There two missions you will have to complete, the first round is a deathmatch where you have defeat the opposing team to win the game. You can do so by shooting at your opponent to eliminate the person. The second round is capture the flag, both teams will have to try and capture the flag which can be found in the middle of the playing field. Head down to Indo Dynasty Paintball Park to see who is the better marksman.