Abracadabra Mamadiam! The Hidden Bar @ Prinsep Place

Bars at Princep Street

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I am sure all of you guys know what a Mamadiam is. But just in case you don’t know what it is, Mamadiam refers to the convenience stores that you can find at the void deck of an HDB block. However, have you seen the Mamadiam at Princep Street?

Mamadiam @ Princep Street – Hidden Speakeasy Bar

Mamadiam Princep

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Mamadiam Princep Hidden Entrance

[Image Credit: Mama Diam]

At first look of Mamadiam, you would definitely be puzzled as to why there is a convenience store located along Princep Street where there are so many bars. But there is a hidden entrance located inside the “Convenient” store, where you be led into the hidden Speakeasy Bar.

Exterior Look of Mamadiam – HDB Void Deck Setting

Mamadiam Outdoor Seating

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A quick glance of the place and you will see your typical void deck situation. The blue quintessential chairs and tables are their outdoor seating, which I am sure many of you will recognise as you spent your teenage life lepak-ing at void decks after school.

Interior Look of Mamadiam – Extravagant & “Atas” Look

Interior Seating at Mamadiam

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Mamadiam Bar

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When you walk into Mamadiam, you will be greeted by the warm and friendly staff. This hidden Speakeasy bar is also furnished with “atas” looking tables and chairs, giving the place an extravagant look and a drastic difference from the outdoor seating.

Food and Drinks Menu – Use of Local Flavours, Pandan, Sour Plum & Rose Syrup

Fusion Food with Local Flavours

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Food and Drinks at Mamadiam

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Of course, you can’t miss out on their food and drinks at Mamadiam! Their signature dish includes Satay Beehoon, Herbal Bak Kut Teh Udon and Dry Tom Yum Seafood Linguine. You can certainly entrust Mamadiam to provide you an upgraded version of local dishes!

Mamadiam Kaya Martini

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Mamadiam Chai Tarik Brew

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Pick your poison at Mamadiam with signature drinks such as Coco Pandan, Chai “Tarik” Brew and Cashew Later, which are specially curated cocktails with a local twist in em’. They even put some of our local 90s kids’ favourite childhood snacks as topping for the cocktails, such as the Chocolate Wafer, Rainbow Wafer and Ice Gem Biscuit! Be sure to pay a visit to the Mamadiam to immerse yourself in this hidden speakeasy bar for a gastronomical journey! 


Address: 38 Princep Street, Singapore 188665

Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday 4pm – 10:30pm

Friday & Saturday 4pm – 3am

Contact Info: 8533 0792 | IG: @mamadiam.princep