L’Atelier Du Reve Liquid Flow Bear Art Jamming Session – Customise Your Bear Brick Lookalike!

L’Atelier Du Reve

L’Atelier Du Reve is the French meaning of “Dream Workshop” and they are here to provide a relaxing handicraft art experience for you. They have professionally trained staff members to guide you through their handicraft workshops and you even get to bring home your own handmade product after the session! 

Liquid Flow Bear

Liquid Flow Bear Keychains

[Image Credit: : L'Atelier Du Reve]

L Atelier Liquid Flow Bear

[Image Credit: L'Atelier Du Reve]

If you have been on TikTok recently, you most certainly have seen videos of people painting their very own Bear Brick lookalike figurine! Authentic Bear Brick figurines usually cost a bomb and can only be purchased at limited action figure shops, but don’t worry! As you customise your very own Bear Brick lookalike at an affordable price!

Priced at only $39, you can get a keychain sized bear and 40ml of paint with unlimited choice of colours to paint your bear. Additional tools such as paint brush and aprons will also be provided when you get a package. With such affordable prices, it is certainly cheaper compared to other art jamming or handicraft studio!

Glass Cup Painting

L Atelier Glass Cup Painting

[Image Credit: L'Atelier Du Reve]

At L’Atelier, they also provide other handicraft art workshops such as the glass cup painting. It is also priced at $39 for their premium designer cup, where you have a wide variety of cups and colours to choose from to personalise your very own cup. Bring out the inner Picasso inside of you and paint your cup the way you want it to be!

DIY Phone Case

L Atelier DIY Phone Case

[Image Credit: L'Atelier Du Reve]

L Atelier DIY Phone Case

[Image Credit: L'Atelier Du Reve]

Another handicraft art workshop that they have is the DIY Phone Case workshop, which is also priced at $39 for their Premium Package. They allow you to get unlimited number of charms to design your phone case and you can even add glitter onto it! Make your phone case shine bright like a diamond at L’Atelier!

L'Atelier Du Reve

Address: 751 North Bridge Rd, #02-01, Singapore 198719

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 10:00am - 7:00pm 

Contact Info: 8946 4415 | L'Atelier Du Reve Website