Romantic Beach Dinner at Batam, Comes with Live Magic Show!

Romantic Beach Dinner - Enjoy a Romantic Dinner by the Beach with Your Loved Ones

Romantic Beach Dinner Batam View Beach Resort Private Dinner at Lover DeckHave a romantic sunset dinner at Batam View Beach Resorts’ private beach with your loved ones. We were lucky to be able to catch the beautiful sunset while we were waiting for our food to cook. The breeze and wind at the sea helped keep us cool the entire evening while we were having dinner by Batam View Resort’s private beach.

Delicious Kue and Sliced Fresh Fruits for Starters/Desserts

Batam View Resort Romantic Beach DinnerBatam View Romantic Beach Dinner The package for the Private Dinner @ Lover’s Deck also includes 3 types of Kue and sliced fresh fruits such as papaya, pineapple and watermelon. The fruits were very sweet and juicy, which was very refreshing as we ate it after our BBQ dinner.

Wide Variety of Meat and Seafood with Special Condiments

Romantic Beach Dinner The Private Dinner had a wide variety of BBQ food which comes in a package. These food includes Beef Bulgogi, Grilled Seafood Skewers, Chicken Drumstick, Baked Potatoes and King Prawns just to name a few.

They also provided different condiments that goes along with the BBQ food. I must say that the Sambal Chilli that they provided goes very well with the BBQ seafood if you want some extra spice! 

Smoky, Charred & Juicy BBQ Skewers and Meat

Romantic Beach DinnerRomantic Beach Dinner Romantic Beach Dinner Romantic Beach Dinner The BBQ meat tasted smoky with a bit of char to it. The seafood was very juicy, sweet and cooked to perfection. We also tried to BBQ some of the food ourselves with the help of the chefs. 

Fresh, Sweet & Tender Mangrove Jack Fish that We Caught at The Jetty

Private Dinner at Lover Deck Wild Mangrove Jack

The chefs also helped us BBQ the Mangrove Jack that we caught at the resort’s jetty. I must say this is the highlight of the night as I have never tasted such a plump, juicy and fresh fish. It is also unlike the Mangrove Jack that you can find in Singapore as it is not as fresh. The white flesh of the fish tasted so fresh, sweet and well-cooked. Shout out to the 2 chefs, who managed to cook the fish to perfection!

Special Magic Performance that Left Us in Awe

Batam View Beach Resort Magic Performance
Batam View Beach Resort Magic Performance

We ended the night with some magic show performance by Mr Ferri. He managed to WOW us when he managed to make the table float around the air! We were also fascinated by him as he managed to make a cup of coke float around the air.

Jacuzzi and Infinity Pool for a Relaxing Dip after Dinner

Batam View Resort Infinity PoolBatam View Resort JacuzziYou can also take a dip in the Jacuzzi and Infinity Pool after your meal. The Jacuzzi and Infinity Pool is located right next to the dining table, so you can have a relaxing time at the pool or jacuzzi after a scrumptious meal.
Price for Private Dinner @ Lover’s Deck: Above 30 Pax at SGD30/pax, Less than 30 Pax at SGD50/pax

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