Wide Variety of Food for Breakfast Buffet and Live Band Performances in Batam

Wangi Melati Coffee House - Wide Variety of Food for Breakfast Buffet

Wangi Melati Coffee HouseAt Wangi Melati Coffee House, you will be greeted with a wide array of food for their breakfast buffet. You have options such as Mee Goreng, Nasi Goreng, Porridge and Toast with Jams. You can also chill with a cup of Coffee or Tea while you are there. Wangi Melati Coffee House is the perfect place for group lunches, lunch meetings, and families or couples who want to sample the local and/or Western food.

Pastries & Dessert Station - Lots of Kueh, Toasts with Jams and Sweet Treats

Wangi Melati Coffee House Pastries and Dessert Station
The Dessert and Pastries Station has 3 different types of jams for you to choose for your toast, there is Strawberry, Black Current and Srikaya. The Srikaya spread is something you must try out as it has a strong Pandan taste to it and it is not overly sweet. There are also many different types of sweet Kueh that you can try out over at the dessert and pastries station.

Egg & Waffle Station - Perfect Combination for a Hearty Breakfast

Wangi Melati Coffee HouseAt the eggs station, you can choose the type of egg you want - Sunny Side Up, Scrambled or an Omelette. The scrambled egg and omelette are cooked with mozzarella cheese which makes it gooey and cheesy. Right next to the eggs station is the waffle station. You can have some waffles with the Hershey's Chocolate Sauce or Maple Syrup, either way you are in for a sweet treat.

Fresh Cold Cut Fruits and Salad Bar

Wangi Melati Coffee House
Wangi Melati Coffee HouseIf you are looking for something a little more healthy for breakfast, don't worry! The breakfast buffet also provides cold fruits and vegetables for you to make your own salad. 

Wangi Melati Coffee HouseYou should definitely visit Wangi Melati Coffee House to fuel your tummy with some sweet and savoury dishes to kick start your day! Afterwards you can head down to the activity centre to try out water sports such as Jet Ski, Knee Boarding and Banana Boat.

Price: RP120,000 (~SGD12) / Adult, RP 60,000 (~SGD6) / Kids

Opening Hours: 6:00am - 9:30am 

Islander Lobby Lounge - Chill & Relax with Drinks, Pool Table, Futsal Table & Darts

Islander Lobby Lounge
Islander Lobby Lounge Pool Table
Islander Lobby Lounge

There are many things you can do while you are at Islander Lobby Lounge as they have a pool table, futsal table and darts machine! Get your competitive spirit on while you challenge your family and friends to a round of pool, futsal or darts.

Price for Pool: RP20,000 (~SGD2)/game

Price for Futsal: RP20,000 (~SGD2)/game

Price for Darts: RP10,000 (~SGD100)/pax

Islander Lobby Lounge
Islander Lobby Lounge Carbonara Pasta
Islander Lobby Lounge

Get a cup of Milkshake, Ice Blended Coffee or even glass of Whiskey at Islander Lounge to cool yourself down from the hot and humid weather. They also serve a wide variety of food such as Carbonara Pasta, Beef Burger and Fish & Chips at the lounge.

Their Carbonara Pasta is very creamy, cheesy and cooked to al dente. Topped with a generous amount of bacon and mushrooms as you can taste it with every bite. Do head down to the Islander Lobby Lounge to try out their Carbonara Pasta! 

Islander Lobby Lounge

If you are chilling at the lounge at night, you will be able to catch Batam View Beach Resort's resident band, Gabe. The band plays popular songs in English, Chinese, Korean and Bahasa Indonesia but you can also request for songs. Be sure to check them out and they might even let you take over the mic for you to sing your lungs out! 

*Do note that the band do not perform on Thursday nights. 

Batam View Beach Resorts Dolphin Pool Bar and Grill
After having a meal at Wangi Melati and chilling at the Islander Lobby Lounge, you can head over to the pool which is right outside of the restaurants. Head over to the poolside to bask under the sun for a suntan session or take a dive into the pool to showcase your swimming skills!

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