Must try! We found the Freshest seafood at Kelong Seafood Sunset Bistro.

Kelong Seafood Restaurant - Freshly Caught Seafood by The Kelong

Kelong Seafood RestaurantKelong Seafood RestaurantKelong Seafood Sunset Bistro Darts MachineKelong Seafood Restaurant

The Kelong Seafood Restaurant at Batam View Beach Resort is located by the Nongsa Sea. The restaurant is 2 storey with many seats available, perfect for a family dinner. There is even a dart machine you can play with while waiting for your food to be done cooking. 

Freshest Seafood You Can Find in Batam - Many Options To Choose From

Kelong Seafood Sunset Bistro Cockles

Kelong Seafood RestaurantKelong Seafood RestaurantKelong Seafood Restaurant

At the restaurant, you will be able to get fresh seafood that was either caught from the resort’s jetty or locally sourced from a fishing village nearby the resort. Batam View Beach Resorts prides themselves in providing the freshest seafood you can get. Some of seafood that we managed to try out are Chilli Crab, Steamed Seabass, Salted Egg Prawns, Cockles and even Gong Gong.
I must say that it is one of the freshest seafood in Batam, as the seafood was fresh and packed with flavours. You can even choose how your seafood is cooked - steamed, fried & many different sauces you can choose from depending on the dish.

Amazing Dishes that We Managed to Try - Fresh, Sweet & Juicy Seafood

Kelong Seafood RestaurantEnjoy a bowl of sweet, spicy and creamy Tom Yum Seafood soup! It comes in 3 different sizes - small, medium and large. The Tom Yum soup was packed with flavours from the lemongrass and other herbs and spices. The tomato gave a sweeter taste for the Tom Yum soup and with the soup still boiling over the portable stove, it ensures that the soup stays warm throughout your meal.

Price: RP 80,000/ ~SGD8 (Small), RP 125,000/ ~SGD12.50 (Medium), RP 170,000/ ~SGD17 (Large)

Kelong Seafood Sunset Bistro Gong Gong

Try out their Boiled Gong Gong with Thai Sauce which tastes sweet and chewy. The Thai sauce also complements the Gong Gong as it is slightly spicy, sweet and tangy.

Price: RP 22,000 (~SGD 2.20) /100grams (Minimum 400 grams)

Kelong Seafood RestaurantPersonally, I prefer the Boiled Cockles with Fresh Chilli Sauce as a starter dish. Usually when I eat Cockles it is very bloody, unlike the ones I had at Batam View Beach Resorts. Their Cockles are very thick and plump, and it does not have the bloody taste to it. The fresh chilli actually goes well with the Cockles and cuts out the fishy taste to it. 10/10.

Price: RP 20,000 (~SGD2) /100grams (Minimum 400 grams)

Kelong Seafood Sunset Bistro Salted Egg Prawns
The Salted Egg Yolk Prawns were deep fried with the prawn shells on which retains the prawn's juices and flavours. The creaminess of the salted egg can also be tasted in the prawn heads. They also provide Stir Fried Prawns with Garlic & Butter if you are not a fan of Salted Egg.
Price: RP 118,000/ ~SGD11.80 (Small), RP 178,000/ ~SGD17.80 (Medium), RP 252,000/~SGD25.20 (Large)
Kelong Seafood Sunset Bistro Steamed Hong Kong Style Fish
We also managed to try their Steamed “Hong Kong” Style Fish which was fresh, juicy and tender. The fish we had was also very meaty and the meat is so tender that it falls easily with every scoop of the fish.
Price: Live Sea Bass RP32,000 (~SGD3.20)/ 100 grams, Live Black Garoupa RP47,000 (~SGD4.70)/ 100 grams
Kelong Seafood Sunset Bistro Chilli Crab Batam View
How can we miss out on Crabs when it comes to seafood? We had the Chilli Crab “Batam View” which was the best dish we had and we definitely managed to conquered the whole bowl of Chili Crab! The hot, steamy and eggy chilli sauce topped onto the fresh crabs was perfect and the spiciness was just right! Batam View Beach Resorts also provide different cooking styles for their crabs such as Deep Fried Crabs with Salted Egg and Steamed Crabs with Ginger Garlic! Their Crabs are definitely a must try at their Kelong Seafood Sunset Bistro!
Price: Live Stone Crabs RP47,000 (~SGD4.70)/100 grams (Minimum 500 grams), Live Flower Crabs RP22,000 (~SGD2.20)/100 grams (Minimum 500 grams)
Operating Hours: Thursday - Friday 04.00 pm to 09:00 pm Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday 12:00 noon to 09.00 pm

Amazing View at Batam View Beach Resorts Jetty

Batam View Beach Resort Jetty
Batam View Sunset at Jetty
The jetty is also very close to the restaurant, so if you are lucky you might be able to catch a beautiful sunset at the jetty and take some aesthetic pictures before heading to the restaurant for dinner! 

Try Fishing at the Jetty - Maybe You Can Catch A Mangrove Jack Fish! 

Fishing at Batam View Beach Resort Jetty
Fishing at Batam View Beach Resort Jetty
You can also try fishing at Batam View Beach Resort Jetty, with a bit of luck, patience and some skills you should be able to catch fishes there. We managed to catch this huge Mangrove Jack after fishing for about 2 to 3 hours under the hot sun! We also managed to catch smaller fishes such as Baracuda and Sergeant Major which we released back into the sea. Enjoy the cooling breeze from the sea when you fish at the Jetty! 

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