Splash Away at Batam View Resorts

There are several sea sports to choose from at Batam View Beach Resort. Here are six of them that we experienced during our stay!

1. Jetski
2. Banana boat
3. Striker
4. Knee Boarding
5. Snorkeling
6. Canoeing

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Sea sports at Dolphin Beach

Dolphin Beach

Head over to Dolphin Beach and hop on a Jet Ski to get on the ride of your lives. 

Taking in the salty sea breeze was exactly what we needed to get a day of relaxation where it's just you and the sea. With no thoughts, no worries and no bosses screaming "where's that report".

Sea sports



1. JetSki


We doubled up with an instructor because we weren't that experienced but it definitely was still an experience to remember. Hold on tight or you'll fly right off!

Getting the adrenaline rush of jet skiing against the currents with a swish and a swerve gave us a change of pace and left us feeling like a spy trying to chase a criminal out on the ocean. 


The instructors were also kind enough to let us on a boat to the middle of the sea where we can relax and snap pictures of our friends jet skiing. Be careful not to lose your grip when taking pictures!


2. Banana Boat

Banana Boat

If you're travelling in a group, this is one activity you can't afford to miss. A banana boat trip is a fun activity to do with family and friends. 

Banana boating is an exhilarating team-building activity that will invigorate you and leave you wanting more. Join your friends for what may be the most exciting ride ever. Bounce along with the inflatable banana-shaped float as it gazes across the waters. 

Banana Boat

It will twist and try to topple you, but remember that the last one to let go wins! It is not necessary to increase the speed of a banana boat to enjoy pleasure and adventure.


3. Striker


The HO Sports Striker (water tube) is a towable water activity that can accommodate up to three persons on each ride! 

These tubes are designed to be sat on for a sled-like ride. With soft foam cushions each handle and resting area for optimal comfort. Hop on, lie down, and grasp tightly before taking off, as you can feel the ripples as you are towed by the boat!


4. Knee Boarding

Knee Boarding


Do you know? Knee boarding was developed from a hybrid of water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing techniques. Kneeboarding is a contemporary water activity that emerged from surfing and water skiing. 

Don't be afraid if you're not very adept at balancing. Particularly when standing up in the water (wakeboarding)! Try kneeboarding, which is similar to wakeboarding but done on your knees! 

Wakeboarding is more likely to result in a fall since it requires you to stand up on the water, whereas kneeboarding only requires you to lift yourself into a sitting position. Hold on tight as you are hauled by a motorboat across the ocean!


5. Snorkeling

Snorkelling is a recreational pastime that can help to motivate, tone and trim you.

Snorkelling allows people to take a glimpse of the marine world. The waters along Batam Island, particularly around coastal areas, are teeming with life while remaining mostly unexplored. The depth and diversity of colour and creatures is simply astonishing. 



Snorkelling also has a range of health benefits, such as muscle strengthening, cardiovascular health enhancement, joint mobility improvement, calorie burning, and many others. 

Take a break from your everyday routine by snorkelling along the shore of a Batam island while mother nature covers you in a soothing blanket. Time stops while you admire nature from underwater.


6. Canoeing

Canoeing at Batam View Beach Resort

Did you know? Canoes are said to be the world's oldest boat. It was found in the Netherlands in 1955 and is thought to be approximately 10,000 years old.

2-seater canoe

Canoeing, commonly known as kayaking, is available in one and two-person versions. Kayaking and canoeing are low-impact sports that can help you enhance your cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility. Moreover, canoeing is a pleasant way to spend time with nature.

Canoeing Kayaking


Chill at Dolphin Beach - suntan, jacuzzi & bean bags

Bean Bag Couch Dolphin Beach
After a long day of water sports, you can take a chill pill and go to take the most relaxing, meditative place with the best view of the ocean just a stone's throw away. 

These pastel colored bean bags are just the cutest little things. You can sit here and watch the big beautiful orange sunset pass as the view of Singapore's city lights fill the darkness of the sea. 

Jacuzzi Batam View Beach Resort 


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