The Best Land & Water Activity in Batam View Beach Resort - Paintball & Banana Boat


1. Best Activity on Land
Paintball! (Starting at SGD35 per person)

The Best Game to test your courage, aiming and camouflage jungle skills. Starting at SGD35 or IDR 350,000. Just 10 minutes away from the resort, you'll come across a spacious local village where you can play your hearts out. Follow the guide and he'll take you to a mini jungle lookalike with obstacles that can put you off your game. First things first: Protection & Gear.

Perfect for a Fierce Battle.
Take a look at this Super Cool Paintball Site. 



A Splashy Surprise

Gettin' Armed Up and Ready for Action


If you haven't been to the army, here's step 1 for you to get used to the smell, the jungle and the outfit. You'll be given helmets, a full body camo army suit, gloves, a vest and most importantly, a loaded paintball gun. Be ready to get down on the mud start strategizing your next plan. 

Split yourselves into 2 groups: Alpha and Bravo. And while you're at it name your entire group too. Ours was Team #SlytherinWannabeYou'll get a complimentary drink and mosquito repellent too. 

Get to your groups, Strategize and Pose!

Let the games begin! There'll be 2 rounds of games: The Death Match & Capture the Flag.

Round 1: The Death Match


Death Match

Like the name suggests, It's time to fight to the death. No rules in this arena except when you're shot in the head or the chest, you're out! 

Lay low, hide among the trees and barrels or jump in the pond to get that perfect hiding spot and wait for them to let their guard down.


Round 2: Capture the Flag


Next, we'll be getting more active. It's time to capture the flag! We've all heard of this game at least once in our lives. But those who haven't, here's how you play. First, strategize with your team on who's on defense and who's on attack.

Next, try your best to capture the flag and bring it back to your base.

Lastly, if you get shot on the body or the head. you'll have to walk the walk of shame and start back from your base.

That's it!

Round 2 Rules

If you're tired of running around and just want a cool pose for the gram, here's Lucas showing you how it's done. Just stop, drop and pose!

Shooting from a Barrel

End the round with a 'good game' handshake, hug it out and take a group picture. What happens in Batam, stays in Batam. If you still haven't vented out all your stress and anger, that calls for another round of paintball! 

Paintballers Assemble

Paintball Price List

Next up...

2. The Best Water Activity;
Banana Boat (Starting at SGD 12 per person)

Banana Boat

Now time for water sports! The best is of course The Classic Banana Boat. Starting at SGD 12 or IDR 120,000 per person. This activity is the best when you want to experience the adrenaline rush and also get the salty sea breeze running through your hair. 

Banana Boat


Kia Xuan and Haikkel were first timers experiencing water sports but they finally tried it all here at Batam View Beach Resort, from Knee Boarding to Jet Skiing and more. The one they recommended the most was hands down the Banana Boat.

Banana Boat

It was only the beginning but the boat pulled us so fast we thought we were going to fly off. Be sure to hold on tight and don't lose your grip. We got our lifejackets on and zoomed away. 

And off we go!

Banana Boat

Banana Boat

Can you tell the difference between how we started and how we ended? 
Here's a hint: Take a look at their hair. 

Banana Boat

Once you're done with that thrilling ride, just plop down and swim away in the blue ocean. Feel the waves crashing onto shore, float like you're one with the sea and drown your worries away. That's the best feeling ever. 

Swim Around

Banana Boat Price List

15 Minutes
Price: IND 120,000 (SGD 12) per person
Min. 4 People, Max 6 People

30 Minutes
Price: IND 150,000 (SGD 15)  per person
Min. 3 People, Max 6 People


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