Pixar Putt Asia: Pixar-Themed Mini Golf at Marina Bay Sands

It's time to bring out your inner child and experience some Disney magic at Waterfront Promenade @ Marina Bay Sands. For the first time ever Pixar Putt is having an open air, mini golf club event in Singapore with a total of 18 Disney and Pixar-inspired holes. 

Get your tickets and keep a look out for your favorite Disney and Pixar films like Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Wall-E, Inside Out, Onward, Luca and many more. 

'Fine Dining' from Ratatouille

Once you arrive in Marina Bay Sands, head to the Big Apple Store and you'll find Pixar Putt's huge signage. You definitely won't miss it. When you've gotten yourself registered at the ticketing boot, grabbed your score sheet and your golf clubs, then you're ready to go! 
While you're having the time of your lives, don't forget to snap some pictures and appreciate the little details from these realistic sets that look as if they came straight out of the movie. Looking at how big the wheels of cheese are next to Linguini's iconic chef hat, it makes you feel as if you're in Remy's little mouse world.

'Paradise Falls' from UP

This iconic house may look adorable on the outside, but good luck trying to putt your ball into the cup. You'll get to see the house floating up, up and away so try to not miss your shot.

'Hyperspeed' from Lightyear

Bring your A-game and put on your superhero mask on. It's time to save the world from danger. 

'The Omnidroid' from The Incredibles

Now this one's a tricky spot, especially since it's coming from Benson's revenge. Once you get the ball through this evil villain right here, there's no guarantee where it'll land so I'd be extra careful if i were you. 

'Mine Mine Mine' from Finding Nemo

Seagulls everywhere! This messy-looking dock is flooded with these annoying birds and will surely throw you off but look on the bright side - at least you found Nemo. 

'Lightning 95' from Cars

If you don't know what the classic '95' stands for, you're just too young. It's Lightning Mcqueen, the best racer car of all time! Be sure to snap a picture with this iconic '95' and hit your hardest and best shot yet.

'The portorosso' from Luca

Catch a glimpse of portorosso, make the last hole and tabulate your scores. By the end of the day, your photo gallery would be filled with Disney characters that will last a lifetime. Be sure to grab your tickets and experience the joy of Pixar's mini golf because if you think you've seen all the sets in Pixar Putt, there's many more waiting for you at Marina bay Sands.
[*All Images Credit: Pixar Putt]
Pixar Putt Asia (Singapore)
Address: Waterfront Promenade, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Singapore 018956 (Next to the Floating Apple Store)

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday
1pm - 10pm 
Saturday - Sunday
10am - 10pm 
*Last Entry is strictly 8:30pm on all days
Mondays to Thursdays
Starting at SGD 28 per person (Additional SGD 2 for Booking Fee) 
Friday to Sundays
Starting at SGD 38 per person (Additional SGD 2 for Booking Fee)
*Children above 3 years old must purchase an admission ticket
Click the link to book your tickets.