A Minion's Perspective Experience at Sentosa - 8 Zones & Many Photo Ops

'Baa baa banana"... That's right. Despicable Me's lovable Minions are taking over Singapore for an interactive exhibition called 'A Minion's Perspective' from now till 2nd January 2023. It allows fans of all ages to come and experience the captivating world of the Minions. Here's a sneak peak of the 8 Thematic Zones of A Minion’s Perspective.

Zone 1: The Preshow Theater

You'll be able to enjoy a short cinematic preview that officially welcomes you to the exhibition. Here's where you get to see whatever's going on behind the scenes - the raw sketches, illustrations, inspirations and even clips never before seen in the film. 

Zone 2: The Film Showcase

As you walk along further, you'll be greeted by a set of displays that brings the illustrations to life. These 3D printed models are the final versions of the Minions Despicable Me cast you see now in theaters today.

Zone 3 & 4: The Fart Gun Stimulator & Gru's Evil Lab

Introducing probably the most dangerous weapon known to mankind - The Fart Machine. Bring out your inner Gru and concoct a new formula using Gru's Interactive Fart Test for your very own icky, stinky smell that can defeat your worst enemies.
While you're there, take a moment to analyze Gru's brainstorming process of inventing his out of the box inventions with his interactive blueprint display specially made for you. Be sure to have your cameras so you can snap some pictures with these cute little minions while you're on the go. There'll be at least 2 Photo Op spots every 10 steps. 

Zone 5: The Girl's Room

It's time for a room tour of the girls' room. Pose next to Agnes and her fluffy little unicorn and pretend you're one oft he girls. Look around the room and get to know these unique girls a little more. Maybe you can find something you have in common.  
When it comes to fluffy unicorns, there's no such thing as 'too big'. Check out this ginormous unicorn the girls could only dream of having. 

Zone 6: The Hall of Villains

There's no better way to describe 'evil', 'cunning' and 'vicious' than to look at the fearful villains Gru and the Minions once faced. 
Test your heroic skills and beat the villains in a game of 'El Macho Memory Game' and the 'Bratt Dance'. Once you've defeated the villains, only then can you avenge Gru and the Minions.

Zone 7: Minions Only Zone

It's time to have some fun like the Minions do. You can Build a Minion, discover which Minion You Are and even play a couple rounds of Banana Mania. 

Zone 8: Times of the Minion Age

The Minions have lived for so long. Ever wonder how they looked like going through the different eras? Like the Egyptian Period, the Stone Age and many more throughout history. Now, you can see some of the Minion's huge mistakes that could've almost caused a huge catastrophe to the iconic landmarks we know and love today.

A Retail Store with over 100 Exclusive Minion-rific Merch

Once you're done and dusted for the day, you can get yourself a souvenir from their Exclusive Retail Store that features close to 100 items offered only at A Minion's Perspective Experience. 

[*All Images Credit: A Minion's Perspective]

A Minion's Perspective Experience

Address: Resorts World Sentosa Waterfront, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269

Opening Hours: 
Daily, 10am - 7pm


1. Standard All day Ticket

Adult - SGD 30
Child (Ages 4 to 12) - SGD  22

2. Family Bundle (2A2C + SGD 10 Retail Voucher)

2 Adults + 2 Child - SGD 100 (Incl. SGD 10 Retail Voucher)
*Terms & Conditions Apply.

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