Halloween Horror Nights 10 is Back! - 30 Sept to 5 Nov

After a 2-year hiatus, Halloween Horror Nights returns with its 10th year of spreading fear and thrill to all with - EVIL HAS RETURNED.  

Check out their exclusive additions such as shooting lasers at the creatures, dining with the dead and getting to know the ghostly and 'undead' crew. We won't spoil too much but here's what you can expect from the most awaited event in Halloween! 3 Houses 2 Scare Zones 1 Spooktacular show.

3 Brand New Haunted Houses

Killustrator: The Final Chapter

[Image adapted from Resorts World Sentosa]


A lonely, deranged artist who is totally fixated on Halloween Horror Nights creates new, dangerous content for his social media followers. More horror, more terror, and more blood are always his attempts to surpass himself. Watch him in his most recent project in bringing to life terrifying new tales of Halloween Horror Nights that are fan favorites.

Operation: Dead Force

[Image adapted by Resorts World Sentosa]
Operation: Dead Force, the ultimate defense against a Zombie Apocalypse, was created in a top-secret meeting between world leaders years ago. The Special Forces Against the Dead (S.F.A.D.) have never before allowed outsiders access to their secure, undisclosed facility. Finally, a nerve agent that transforms living cells into dead cells has been developed, and the S.F.A.D. are actively seeking new recruits. Save and defend the last of humanity by becoming one of the undead.

Hospitality of Horror

[Image adapted by Resorts World Sentosa]
A magnificent mansion that was once owned by Southeast Asia's richest tycoon and his favorite wife and was abandoned for many years has now been restored. With a tempting discount offered for overnight stays to try out the hotel, visitors are pouring in for the ultimate staycation. But don't unwind too soon; the hotel also has some unfinished tales.

2 Scare Zones

The Dark Zodiac

[Image adapted by Resorts World Sentosa]
After decades of waiting, the Horrorcle’s prophesy is about to come true. As darkness descends, the Horrorcle rips the Dark Zodiacs from the skies and summons them to the sacrificial grounds of the fallen zodiac. To complete the prophesy, the Horrorcle must consume an offering from each Zodiac, filling her with a surge necromantic power to reincarnate into their supreme leader, the 13th Zodiac.

The Hunt for Pontianak

[Image adapted by Resorts World Sentosa]
A group of well-known influencers challenge the internet to join them on their most treacherous live stream challenge yet: hunting and trapping Southeast Asia's most vicious spirit, the Pontianak. Will they become famous because of their desire for fame? Or will it bring about their gruesome and torturous demise? Whatever happens, one thing is certain: we will all be watching...

1 Spook-tacular Live Show

[Image adapted by Dejiki.com]

In this Scaremony of music, lights, and special effects, watch as hell breaks loose at an art auction as the Killustrator reveals his grisly creations. Sit back, relax and be entranced by the dance of the devils.


Special Events
Laser Tag: Escape the Breakout!

[Image adapted by Alfonso Scarpa]
Take on this thrilling game of laser tag with clues to unlock and puzzles to solve and escape from the evil who want to keep you in Heinous Harbour forever!

Teams of five will use their laser tag equipment to defend themselves from the world's most gruesome criminals with predatory instincts, running loose and finding their next prey. 

A Delicious Treat: Die-ning with the Dead

[Image adapted by Unsplash]  


Die-ning with the Dead offers deliciously sinister meals and spooky entertainment for guests with a knack for the macabre. Enjoy a truly sensory experience as the horror-themed meal is paired with the Spirit Medium and his eerie Henchmen's comically cryptic search for the fabled Miss Fortune in the other world. 

A Backstage Exclusive: Monsters & Manifestations


[Image adapted by Resorts World Sentosa]


The Monsters & Manifestations experience is for those who are eager to see what lies behind the thrills.
The Keeper will lead guests on a tour so they can learn about the magic behind various technical and sensory effects, take some horrifying photos, and take in a spooky performance.


Halloween Horror Nights

Address: Universal Studios Singapore (USS)

Dates: 30 Sep – 5 Nov 2022

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