We manage a wide variety of images and location based databases which may be purchased for integration into other systems.  These datasets are carefully categorized and geo-referenced which can be used to supplement your existing datasets.

Geo-Tiff Database 
Geo-tiff’s are raster-based images with tab files that indicate geo-references. These are scaled images which may be imported into various GIS applications that support raster formats.




POI Data
We maintain a comprehensive Points of Interests databases of Singapore that can be licensed to or internal analysis and usage purposes.  Details of the categories we maintained can be found here.

Geo Reference Address
We maintain comprehensive address point listings of Singapore, Indonesia, Mala and the Philippines. These are geo-referenced in Latitude / Longitude formats.

Residential Listings
Through partnerships with real-estate agencies, Streetdirectory is able to provide analysis on the types of housing units by classification.

Residental Listing

Vector Zone Demarcations
We are able to provide standard or customized zone demarcations in vector formats for Mapinfo, ESRI and Autodesk.

Singapore Postal Zone

Singapore DGP Zone


Orchard, Singapore

Blok M, Jakarta

KLCC, Malaysia

San Lorenzo, Philippines