Top 5 Destinations Singaporeans would put on their bucket list

Making plans to travel out of Singapore?

Many of us are considering traveling soon as travel restrictions and borders are being relaxed! However, we may have too many locations in our minds that we would love to visit. So, hopefully, this blog post will provide you with a better understanding of the top destinations that Singaporeans want to explore or have visited since the covid pandemic.


Top 5 Destinations you must visit

The top 5 destination which Singaporeans have placed on their bucket list would include

  1. Beijing, China
  2. Melbourne, Australia
  3. Tokyo, Japan
  4. Seoul, South Korea
  5. Bintan, Indonesia


1. Beijing, China

Take a break from your busy life when you uncover the mysteries and secrets behind the history of these heritage sites in Beijing, China. Don't forget to pose as 'princesses & princesses' and take a snap while you're at it!

Uncover the hidden gem of historical sites

Great Wall Of China

The Great Wall of China [Image Credit © : China Highlights]

If you haven't seen the Great Wall of China on your vacation to China, you're missing out on the highlight of Beijing. As a UNESCO World Heritage site since Dec 1987, the Great Wall of China is the longest man made structure in the world. It was built over six dynasties. The wall was constructed to safeguard and unite Chinese state and imperial territories from nomadic steppe tribes.


Fun Fact!

The Great Wall of China which is over 2,300 years old, spans over 21,196 km which is about the size of 444 Singapore!


Forbidden City

Imperial Forbidden City Beijing, China [Image Credit © : Cchatty]


Another destination which was also declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 would be the Forbidden City located in Beijing, China. Also known as Imperial Palace ( Chinese: 紫禁城 Zǐjìnchéng / 故宫 Gugong ) , it was constructed by Emperor Yongle aka Zhudi during the Ming Dynasty. The objective of constructing the forbidden city was to reinforce his empire and safeguard his safety.


Fun Fact!

The Forbidden City has a total of 9,999 rooms. There was one room lesser to avoid offending the God of Heaven, who was to believe that his Heavenly Palace had 10,000 rooms.


Local Delight

Peking Duck [Image Credit ©: Asia Recipes]

Beijing is home to the famous Peking duck (北京烤鸭; Beijingkaoya). This dishes' history can be traced back to the imperial era when it is usually prepared for royalty. The meat is characterized by its thin, crispy skin along with sides like cucumber, sweet sauce, and spring onion, all wrapped in a pancake also known as 春饼 (ChunBing). This delight is a must-try when you visit Beijing. Try the most authentic Peking duck in its hometown, Beijing!


2. Melbourne, Australia

Sports + Beach + Culture + Nightlife = Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia [Image Credit © : Culture Trip]

As the Cultural Capital of Australia, Melbourne is known a the most liveable city on earth. It is also widely known for the Sporting capital, authentic coffee, gentle bays and cultural diversity. If you're not a morning bird, you can also expect flourishing brunches (Lunch + Breakfast) from the cafes in Melbourne. The vibrant nightlife of Melbourne hits different so be sure to check it out during your visit to Melbourne!


Fun Fact!

Melbourne was originally called Batmania after John Batman who claimed to have found the city in 1835.


Local Delight

Lamb Roast [Image Credit ©: Melbourne Food and Wine Festival]

You aren't living the Aussie life if you haven't eaten the roasted lamb in Melbourne! A Sunday roast is the epitome of "Aussie." The buttery flavor and exquisite texture of the dish melt our taste buds. Lamb is a widespread and affordable delicacy in Australia, dating back to the days of British colonization. It has become a popular dish on Australian menus.


3. Tokyo, Japan

Combination of millennia-old traditions with futuristic technology

Bustling City in Tokyo, Japan [Image Credit ©: Live Japan]


Many of us must be familiar with Japan's capital city, Tokyo. With the recent reopening of Japan, allowing non-escorted tours from 7th September 2022 and increasing daily arrival cap to 50,000, we're sure many Singaporeans are putting Japan on their travel list!


Tokyo Tower also know as the Tokyo Skytree, one of Tokyo landmarks [Image credit ©: Hopon World]

Walk down the streets of Tokyo, lined with Sakura trees. Other than the iconic landmarks such as Tokyo Skytree ( Recognised as the World's Tallest Tower by Guinness World Records in 2011) and Shibuya Crossing ( World's busiest pedestrian crossing) , visit the shrines and get to try out the cuisines there! Get to choose from a list of mouth-savouring food from Sushis, to wagyu beef, Tonkotsu to Ramens and many others!


Fun Fact!

Before 1868, Tokyo was originally named Edo meaning (Japanese: 江戸, '"bay-entrance" or "estuary"').


Local Delight

Sushi [Image credit ©: Go Tokyo)

What is the first dish that comes into your mind when mentioning Japan? Sushi would be our choice! The aromatic white rice is seasoned with sugar, salt, and vinegar and served with a topping, which can range from salmon and tuna to tamagoyaki (egg) and Ebi (shrimp). Despite Japan's reputation as the Sushi Capital, the origins of sushi may be traced back to Chinese cuisine, Nazerushi. It is the most primitive, earliest form of sushi.


4. Seoul, South Korea

Originator of K-Wave

Seoul, South Korea [Image credit ©: Encyclopedia Britannica]


There are so many things to do in Seoul! From experimenting with hanboks (traditional Korean costumes) to purchasing cosmetics and eating street delicacies (Kimchi, Tteokbokki (Rice cake), and so on! South Korea has become one of the most prominent pop-culture influencers! South Korea's history extends back to 1945 before the Korean peninsula was divided into North and South Korea.


Fun Fact!

In Korea, it is common to be asked for your blood type since Koreans believe that blood type influences an individual's personality and character.


Local Delight

Kimchi Stew [Image credit ©: Cookerru]


Kimchi-Jjigae (Kimchi Stew) is made from the local favourite and traditional side dish - kimchi, a fermented radish. Kimchi-Jjigae was invented during the post-Korean War when food was scarce and many Koreans were starving since it only requires simple ingredients and an easy recipe.


5. Bali, Indonesia

Tropical Paradise and Surfer's Heaven

Beautiful sunset captured at Bali beach [Image credit ©: ig @petya_pd]


Bali entices visitors with its majestic mountains and verdant terraced rice fields that radiate serenity and peace. Apart from being a tropical paradise, it is also a surfer and diver's heaven! Bali is home to some of the world's most beautiful beaches, including Seminyak and others. However, temples in Bali are another attraction that should be seen. The cloud temples, such as Pura Lempuyang, Bali's oldest Hindu temple, are also known as the 'Gateway to Heaven.'In the process of subduction, Bali was formed. A Balinese colony was established on eastern Java around 1343 by the Hindu Majapahit Empire (1293-1520 AD).


Fun Fact!

Bali is in a 'Coral Triangle'.

Heart of the 'Coral Triangle' [Image credit ©: Calico Jack Charters]


What is the 'Coral Triangle'?

The Coral Triangle is home to an incredible variety of aquatic life. Seventy-five percent of the world's coral species—nearly 600 different species—can be found here. Over 2000 different varieties of reef fish seek sanctuary in these spectacular underwater meadows, and tuna spawn here as well.


Local Delight

Jimbaran-style grilled delights [ Image credit ©: Asian Inspirations]

Since Bali is located in the 'Coral Triangle' seafood is definitely a common delicacy amongst Balinese. Jimbaran-style grilling is one of the must-try when you make your visit to Bali.


Go for the ideal holiday with your friends & family!

What exactly are you waiting for? We've compiled a list of the top five destinations that your fellow Singaporeans would like visiting. All of the above places are close to Singapore, so plan a trip there with your friends and family for the perfect vacation!


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