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Be Transported and Immerse Yourself in a Whole New World with Sandbox VR.

Try to survive a zombie apocalypse or even a Space invasion. VR is taking things to the next level as they can make you experience the once impossible. If you've ever feel like you're getting tired of seeing the same old scenery, going to Sandbox VR will definitely turn your word upside down.

Grab your friends and Switch your Game-mode On

Grab your friends and Switch your Game-mode On
It's Game Time
Sandbox is a VR experience that brings you to a virtual world where your body transforms into a virtual body. It's not a solo mission so you can still see, physically interact and play with your groups (up to 6 people). Test your teamwork and check out what kind of other-worldly bodies they have here.

It's Morphin Time! Transform to your Virtual Skins and Choose your Weapons

It's Morphin Time

Choose your Virtual World

Sandbox VR has 6 Original worlds for you to choose from. If you are not a fan of thrill or horror, there are also adult and kid-friendly worlds available such as the 'Curse of Dany Jones' giving you the treasure hunt adventure of a lifetime.

Clear the Missions and Crack the Code

1. Amber Sky 2088

Amber Sky 2088

The 3rd and most Ambitious experience. Blast off to space and defend your homeworld against the upcoming Alien Invasion. Team up and transform yourselves as futuristic androids, armed with the best robotically enhanced weapons and guard planet Earth. You're humanity's last line of defense!

2. Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery

Engage in exhilarating shootouts using your iconic Starfleet Phaser. As Starfleet Officers, you and your friends are tasked to uncover the mysteries that lie in the unexplored alien world, find the lost Starfleet ship and survive the quest. 

Battle among your friends

3. UFL


Ever wonder what it's like to be in your favorite fighting game? Now you get the chance to battle against each other and fight to the 'death'. Become a gladiator and battle with a weapon of your choice (i.e., laser swords, tridents, and even claws). May the best man win.

In the mood for a Scream (Horror)

4. Deadwood Mansion

Deadwood Mansion

Watch out for the Zombies! Survive a Zombie Apocalypse and work together to find the secrets of the mansion. 

5. Deadwood Valley

Deadwood Valley

The latest world to release. A whole new level of terror where you get to decide how the story ends. Will you hide and stay alive or will you die trying. Every move you make will open a different ending. Discover the ultimate realistic experience of action-thriller in the world of zombies. 

Adult & Kid-friendly

6. Curse of Davy Jones

Curse of Davy Jones

Arghh! Choose your own pirate and sail across the seven seas on a trail to find the secret treasure of Dany Jones. Battle the spooky sea creatures that come your way and retrieve the lost gold no matter what. 

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Ready, Aim, Fire!
Now that you're all geared up, it's time to aim, shoot and fire! Take note, when you are wearing the protective equipment, glasses will not be allowed. Wearing contact lenses are highly encouraged for the ultimate authentic experience. Corrective lenses may be provided subjected to availability of stock.

Great for Corporate Events, Birthday Parties & More

There's just something about surviving a zombie apocalypse or even a sea of spooky sea beasts that makes your group's bond stronger than before. Share a totally unique experience with your company and experience a world outside the norm. You can reserve multiple rooms, or even the entire space to fit everyone. 

For Private Events, you can click this link to make your request.  

[*All Images Credit: Sandbox VR]

Sandbox VR @ Orchard Central

Address: 181 Orchard Road, #05-31 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896

Monday to Thursday: SGD 32 per player
Friday to Sunday & Public Holidays: SGD 45 per player
Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 12:30pm - 9:45pm
Saturday to Sunday: 10:15am - 9:45pm

Contact: 9832 5988

Click the link to reserve your bookings now.