The Kitten Sanctuary - Cuddle with Cute Kitties in Singapore's first ever Kitten Nursery



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Kitten Sanctuary Singapore

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It's always a Purr-fect time to see these pretty kitties

With just a 1-minute walk from Masjid Sultan, there lies a safe haven for rescue kitties and furball lovers alike which is The Kitten Sanctuary Singapore. You can play with these beautiful babies for just SGD 20 an hour at Singapore's first-ever kitten nursery and kindergarten. Unlike cat cafes, if you meet your soul-kitten mate here, you can adopt them and add on your family tree. 

Kitten Sanctuary Singapore

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Kitten Sanctuary Singapore

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The Best Companion to snuggle that can fit the palm of your hands. If you found your soul-kitten mate, you can adopt it. 

Kitten Sanctuary Singapore

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Kitten Sanctuary Singapore

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If you're a novice in taking care of animals and you're planning to own one of these kitties or any kittens for the matter, this is the best place to train yourself to be a pet owner. This sanctuary is run by friendly, experienced volunteers that will gladly show you the tricks they've picked up along the way. Be sure to make an appointment before you head down so the kittens can be ready to greet you.

Kitten Sanctuary Singapore

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Kitten Sanctuary Singapore

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If you just want to have some fun with the cats, you can choose to play with the hyperactive cats or the "keep calm and take a chill pill" kitties. As its a non profit organisation, you can drop off some pet toys and make donations that will directly contribute to the livelihood and wellbeing of these cats. 

The Kitten Sanctuary

Address: 737A North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198705

Operating Hours: 

Tuesday to Thursday, 11am - 12pm & 7 pm - 8pm
Friday, 11am - 12pm
Saturday to Sunday, 10.30am - 11.30am, 12pm - 1pm, 2.30pm - 3.30pm & 4pm - 5pm

*Closed on Monday

Limited 1hr- slots available, click here to book your slots now.

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