5 Attractions You Must Visit at Jewel

Jewel Changi Airport

Rain Vortex at Jewel Changi [Adapted from Lianhezaobao]

Creation of Jewel: Why is Jewel conceived?

Creation of Jewel was first brought up by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his National Day Rally speech in 2013, as part of Changi Airport's long-term ambitions to increase its operation by the mid-2020s and enhance opportunities for Singapore and Singaporeans,"

Jewel Changi Airport is the newest addition to Singapore's world-renowned Changi Airport. This widely anticipated dome-shaped attraction, designed by Safdie Architects, features a dynamic combination of retail, leisure, garden, and hotel facilities, as well as airport operations. 

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World's Tallest Indoor Waterfall

Did You Know?

Jewel's HSBC Rain Vortex is located at the heart of Jewel, standing at 7 storeys high, it pumps 500,000 litres of rainwater through the roof of the Jewel building, which is one-fifth the capacity of an Olympic-sized swimming pool. 


 5 Locations You Must Visit @Jewel

1. Changi Experience Studio 

Individuals enjoying themselves @Garden Of Harmony located in Changi Experience Studio [Adapted from Jewel Changi Airport]

At Changi Experience Studio, where Virtual Reality comes into life! Get to explore from over 10 content zones and 20 interactive touchpoints.

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One-For-ALL: Canopy Park

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At Canopy Park, home to 4 different attractions. It is located at Jewel Changi Airport level 5.

  • Discovery Slides
  • Foggy Bowls
  • Petal Garden
  • Topiary Walk

If you've ever wondered if visiting the canopy park is worth your time and money, perhaps this blog review will provide you with an overview of the amenities and attractions available within this 14,000 square meter theme park.

It is recommended to wear pants or shorts along with covered shoes for this attraction!

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2. Discovery Slides

Interact with Art when you uncover the fun of Discovery Slides at Jewel [Adapted from Playpoint.Asia]


Singapore Changi Airport is home to a multi-dimensional lifestyle destination. The Discovery Slides playground measures over 18 metres by 16.7 metres in length and is 6.5 metres tall at its highest point. It is an excellent spot for people who enjoy exploring as well as those who enjoy taking photos and sharing them on their social media pages.

The Discovery Slides is a recreational attraction for both adults and children that features four different slides, some of which are conventional and others that are not. The most adventurous can attempt the vertical drop while disguised in a sack. Visitors can stand at specified points along the slide and gaze out onto the Shiseido Forest Valley.


3. Foggy Bowls

Indulge in the perfect photoshoot with mist emitted from the Foggy Bowls [Adapted from Master FX]


The Foggy Bowls collection consists of four gentle concave bowls varying in depth from 30cm to 65cm. At any time, mist will be emitted from one of these bowls, and visitors are invited to jump in when the fog is generated for the ideal Instagram shot.


4. Petal Garden

Floral Attraction at Petal Garden [Adapted from Flickr]
Every attraction at Canopy Park is an Instagram-worthy location. Petal Garden is no exception! Luminous flowers may add a splash of color to your photos and make you stand out!
Picturesque view with seasonal flowers from the globe [Adapted from Jewel Changi]

5. Topiary Walk

Enter the world of floral + animals when you explore the wonders of Topiary Walk.
Floral Elephant [Adapted from Entree Kibbles]
This tranquil paradise of animals created out of plants is nestled within the greenery of Canopy Park.
Orang Utans[Adapted from Travellog]
If you didn't have an opportunity to visit our magnificent zoo, here's another location to make up for a lost time!
Floral Crocodile [Adapted from Flickr]

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