Mr Onigiri: Revolutionizing Japanese snacks in Singapore


Mr Onigiri

Onigiri Window

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I'm sure we've tasted the Traditional Japanese Onigiri at least once or twice before, mostly from convenience stores. But Mr Onigiri makes their Onigiris by hand and has taken authentic flavors to the next level with through innovation, research and development.

The Main Star of the Show: Delicious Okinawan Inspired Onigiri-Sandwich


Mr Onigiri

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Signature Melted Cheesy Crispy Chicken (SGD 5.90)

Tamago Spam with Fried Tempura

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Here's an onigiri with japanese seaweed filled with japanese rice, tamagoyaki, spam, cheese, japanese cucumber, chicken patty and a dash of tartar sauce.

Double Yummy Double Ebi

Tamago Spam with Fried Tempura

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Here's an seafood-inspired onigiri with japanese seaweed, japanese rice, tamagoyaki, spam, ebi, japanese and tartar sauce.

Mentaiko Kani Kama Onigiri (SGD 4.90)

Onigiri S

Onigiri with japanese seaweed, japanese rice, egg, spam, japanese cucumber, japanese snow crab meat with mentaiko sauce.

Local Specials: Otak Otak Onigiri



Otakotak Onigiri

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One of their popular originals is the Singapore-flavor infused Onigiri Special with Otak Otak. Onigiri with japanese seaweed, japanese rice, tamagoyaki, spam, muar otak, japanese cucumber topped with mentaiko sauce. 

Add on some Side Dishes to complete your dish. 

Chicken Karaage - SGD 5.90
Ebi Tempura (3 Pcs) - SGD 3.90
Cheese Fingers - SGD 4.90
Crab Cream Croquette - SGD 4.90

WhatsApp or DM for Original Platters

Prosperity Onigiri Platter

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Prosperity Onigiri Platter

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Japan has more than just Onigiri. They also take pride in their Special Blends of Flower Tea

Flower Tea Menu

Open Window Concept (Open Daily, Closes Every Wednesday)

Window Concept

As of now there is no Dine in Options yet, but its best to eat these onigiris out on a picnic and view the sunset as you chow down on your food. 

Mr Onigiri

Address: 215P Upp Thomson Rd, S574349

Opening Hours: Daily, 10am - 8pm (ᴄʟᴏsᴇᴅ ᴏɴ ᴡᴇᴅɴᴇsᴅᴀʏs)

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