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Jjamijja Set

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There's no need to travel all the way to South Korea to try its local favorite because Meokja by Jungga is bringing its South Korean flavors to you. Trust its authentic taste given to you by a Korean-Muslim revert and a fellow halal foodie. It's your chance to taste all the food you've seen in K-dramas like the iconic Spicy TeokBokki, JjaJang Myun, Kimbap and many more.

Main Menu

JjaJang Myun/Bap (SGD 12) - Noodles/Rice in Black Bean Sauce

Jja Jangmyun

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This dish is no stranger to Kdrama lovers. It's a savoury sweet noodle dish mixed with an earthy black bean sauce and minced beef (you can opt for rice too). It's also a tradition in Korea to eat this for those moving or single!

Samgyetang (SGD 17.90) - Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup 

Samgye tang

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A healthy, savoury dish that warms you up and makes you feel all fuzzy inside. It's also known as the "cure-all soup" among Koreans, especially with all the energy and stamina you get from eating it.

JjamPpong (SGD 14) - Noodles/Rice in Spicy Seafood Soup


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This is a definite favorite if you're looking for something with broth and noodles. It's spicy broth paired with fresh seafood, is delectable to your tastebuds, welcoming the taste of the ocean.

Authentic Korean Street Foods

In Korea, these local street foods can be typically found in stalls outside schools and definitely a favorite among students and adults alike,

Eomuk Tang (SGD 7)  - Fish Cake Soup

Eomuk Tang

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If you're looking for something flavorful and refreshing to swallow, this one is for you! It's usually paired with a spicy TteokBokki to balance out the spice from the Tteok and the refreshing broth of the Eomuk Tang.

TteokBokki (SGD 9) - Spicy Rice Cakes

Rose Ttteokbokki

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 A perfect way to destress is to stuff yourself with something hot, red and spicy. TteokBokki has it all! If you can't tolerate spice, you can wash the rice cakes down with some water before eating them.

Original Kimbap / Chamchi (Tuna) Kimbap (Starting at SGD 6)

Original Kimbap / Chamchi (Tuna) Kimbap

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Featuring Korea’s signature seaweed rice rolls packed with a layer of egg, spinach, pickled radish, carrots and a sausage. The difference between the 2 is the additional layer of tuna in the Chamchi (Tuna) Kimbap. 

Yangnyeom Chikin (SGD 7.50) & Chamchi (Tuna) Mayo Jumeok Bap (SGD 6)

Chicken and Rice Balls

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Korea's Fried Chicken culture is huge! Get a taste of Korea's ultimate fried chicken flavour; the Yangnyeom! The best battered chicken coated in a sweet and tangy marinade and seasoned to perfection. Another kid favorite is the Chamchi (Tuna) Mayo Jumeok Bap, featuring a savoury tuna mayo balled up with rice and seaweed.

Special Korean Combo Sets 

If you're dining in as a group or just want to try multiple things at once, Meokja by Jungga has a few sets you can choose from - whether its a noodle set or a street food set. You can pair them up with special beverages straight from Korea such as Milkis, Chisung Cider and Ppoporo Apple.

Full Meal

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Uyuk Ssambap Set

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There are not many halal options when it comes to authentic Korean Cuisine so Meokja By Jungga is a definite gem for Muslims and foodies alike. Not forgetting to mention, there is a Prayer Area set up in the area for your convenience. 

Meokja by Jungga

Address: 1 Selegie Road, #02-03 Singapore 188306 (GR.iD)

Opening Hours: 10.30am - 3pm & 5pm - 10pm, Daily (Except Wednesdays)

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