Genki Sushi x Calbee collaboration - Fusion between sushi & chips

Genki Sushi

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Most of us would have eaten Genki Sushi or at the very least know about it. Genki Sushi is a network of conveyor-belt sushi restaurants that was founded in Japan in 1990. Genki Sushi has expanded throughout time to include places like Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia, China, etc. 



There are three different options for the sides. 


Crispy Teriyaki Chicken Maki ($4.80)

Crispy Teriyaki Chicken Maki

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Calbee, the famous Japanese snack food manufacturer, was established in Japan on April 30, 1949. To maximise the flavour of the potatoes, Calbee potato chips are cut roughly three times thicker than conventional chips. 

Takoyaki Jagabee Crunch ($5.50)

Takoyaki Jagabee Crunch

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These two brands are now coming together for a collaboration.  This collaboration line of products will be available from 6 Oct 2022 to 20 Nov 2022 at the Genki Sushi Outlets in Singapore.


Tori Nanban Jagabee Crunch (S$6.80)

Tori Nanban Jagabee Crunch

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Crispy Lobster Salad Maki (S$4.80)

Crispy Lobster Salad Maki

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Imagine the crunch of the calbee chips combined with the fragrant top-grade Koshihikari short-grain rice used by Genki Sushi for their sushis with each mouthful. 


Complete your meal at Genki Sushi with the sweet and savoury dessert which includes both the soft serve which comes in three flavours: Japanese Peach, Matcha, and Hokkaido Milk as well as the savoury Jagabee Potato sticks.


Japanese Peach Soft Cream Jagabee (S$5.90)

Japanese Peach Soft Cream Jagabee

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