Yugo Yakiniku: New Muslim-Owned Store selling Japanese Dons


Yugo Yakiniku

Finally, a Muslim Owned Donburi place has opened in the west!

They take pride in serving only the best USDA and Australian grass-fed beef. Their meat is Super Good, Juicy, Bursting with flavor, and drizzled with their very own homemade special sauce!

It's new, inexpensive and freshly grilled

Bite Shot!

Visit the recently launched @yugoyakiniku.sg for fusion barbecue and grill, with Karubi, Wagyu Ramp, Angus Striploin, Beef Dendeng, and more!

Beef Options

Beef Short Plate @ SGD 4.50 per 100g
Karubi (Short Ribs) @ SGD 6 per 50g 
Angus Striploin @ SGD 6 per 100g 
Wagyu Slices @ SGD 4 per 100g 
Wagyu Cube @ SGD 7.50 per 100g 
Wagyu Ramp @ SGD 10 per 100g
Kata Rosu @ SGD 6 per 100g
Beef Bacon @ SGD 4.50 per 100g

Chicken Options

Chicken Thigh @ SGD 4.50 per 100g
Chicken Thigh (Satay Flavor) @ SGD 5 per 100g

Dendeng Options

Beef Dendeng @ SGD 4 per 100g 
Chicken Dendeng @ SGD 3.50 per 100g

Grilling begin from:
Monday to Friday, 5pm to 10pm (except wed)
Saturday and Sunday, 11am to 10pm

Special list of Delicious Dons

They also provide donburi bowls including the Wagyu Cube Don, Beef Aburi Don, Karubi Don, and Chicken Aburi Don. Each also includes a Japanese onsen egg!

The Wagyu Cube Don

Wagyu Cube Don

It features chewy, soft, and deliciously juicy Wagyu cubes, along with an Onsen egg and a tiny bit of corn sweetness. Priced at SGD 9.50. 

Beef Aburi Don

Beef Aburi Don

Juicy beef slices are served with an Onsen egg and a touch of corn sweetness. Priced at SGD 6.50. 

Karubi Don

Kaburi Don

With an Onsen egg and a touch of corn sweetness, tender and savory thin slices of short rib are served. Priced at SGD 8.00. 

[Best Seller] Chicken Arubi Don** 

Chicken Aburi Don

Delicious chicken thighs with a rich taste, served with an Onsen egg and a touch of corn sweetness. Priced at SGD 5.50. 

It looks so mouthwatering that you just can't deny. It's now time for Yu to Go et some Yakiniku at Yugo Yakiniku :) See you there!

Donburi Bowls (Dons) are served from:
Thursday to Tuesday 11am to 10pm
Closed every Wednesday.

Do remember to WhatsApp: +65-8803-9628 to reserve your seats before coming down!

[*All Image Credit: @yugoyakiniku]

Yugo Yakiniku

Address: 557 Jurong West St 42, Singapore 640557
Opening Hours: Thursday - Tuesday, 11am - 10pm (closed on Wednesdays)
Contact: 65-8803-9628
Email: yugoyakiniku.sg@gmail.com