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Space is an easy to use yet powerful application designed to let you plan, visualise and analyse data like never before.

Space has allowed many companies such like Pizza Hut, UOB, Move Media, Singapore Pools, Cold Storage and many others have a better understanding of their network and location assets.

The software gives their planners specialised tools to help to improve the visualization of their operations and make better decision making particularly in Branch Planning, Market Analysis and Security sectors.  

So What Can SPACE Do For My Business?

These are some of the services that Space can do for your business;

  • Planning of Sales Territories or Competitor Analysis;
    • Internal analysis and demarcation of sales territories performance by geographical Boundaries.
    • Competitor analysis and sales comparison through customized thematic analysis

  • Analyse Data Against Residential data
    • Analysis of your demographic through against Streetdirectory extensive details of commercial or residential data.
    • Analysis of voluminous data from a geographic perspective to detect trends and outliers via simple import

  • Routing Simulation
    • Pre-operational / resources planning and route simulation

  • Our software will help you indentify questions like this e.g
    • My business needs to attract customers age between 20 to 35, has an income of above $40,000 and are not married, where can I find them?
    • Where are the places with the least F&B Outlets
    • Where are the places with Income above $100,000

    Our Team will be happy to sit down with you to give you a better understand of space and what it can do for your business. 

    SPACE Main Features

    1. Search and Navigation

    • Location search by address, postal code and building
    • Print and export map.

    2. Drawing

    Marking of hotspots in a specific area and allowing users to draw self- defined geographical zones. You can also analyse data within the hotspots.


    3. Route Planning

    • Generate Routing abilities based on shortest distance, preferred expressway or major road based on the start and end point
    • Distance calculated is based on actual routes as opposed to linear
    • Save and animate generated routes for simulation.

    4. Layering

    • Creation of custom folder and
    • Ability to view multiple selected data layers and define hierarchical
    • 20 customizable data fields for user

    Data Import

    • Ease of importing point data seamlessly with Postal Code or Address Points database via commonly used formats (MS Excel, MS Access and .CSV) with Postal code system or address points
    • Powerful grouping and filtering activities.

    5. Spatial / Area Analysis

    • Search for records based on specified data layers within defined geographical boundary.
    • Generate and export list of records to MS Excel.


    6. Zoning

    • Creation of new customized zones or use preloaded
    • Adding of Sub-Zones by using the drawing tools to provide for more detailed
    • Allows data based on specified zone (eg. Number of branches in Jurong West).
    • 20 customizable data fields for user input.


    7. Demographic Analysis

    SPACE can be incorporated with demographic database (based on Singapore Census data) defined in DGP zones such as:-

    1. zone
    2. number of low, medium and high density housing
    3. employment
    4. estimated monthly
    5. housing types.


    8. Thematic Analysis

    Representation of different attributes and statistical information through maps, diagrams and charts.

    System Requirements

    The recommended hardware specifications to operate SPACE is as follow:

    • Computer with Core 2 Duo 0 Gigahertz (GHz) processor or higher.
    • 10GB of RAM; other programs running simultaneously may require additional memory
    • Hard disk space requirements; At least 30GB of available hard disk space (1.02 gigabytes for data import).
    • Hard disk space requirements will vary depending  on  configuration; custom installation choices may require more or less. Listed below are the minimum hard disk requirements for
    • Client who requires Client_Server based environment setup is also available.

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