Consulting Services

At Streetdirectory, we have a team of dedicated business and IT consultants to help design and recommend best of breed location based solutions for your consideration. Resulting solutions include not just our own platform but also open standard software and hardware through our network of partners.

We can also be engaged to undertake specialized location based analysis projects. This may involve survey and processing of data using our suite of GIS solutions, and detailed project reports can then be presented as part of our findings. Any proprietary datasets from our clients which are used in the course of the analysis will be treated with strict confidentiality.

Should you have any unique business problem that requires innovative solution, Streetdirectory is able provide dedicated consultancy services in the following areas:

a) Business process design.
b) Data survey and processing.
c) Data collation and maintenance.
d) Change management and employee retraining.
e) Application monitoring and health checks.

We have been engaged in various projects by both the government and corporate sector, please refer below for more information.


Government Sector

Streetdirectory Pte Ltd provides consulting services and customized utilities that are built upon existing IT investments in various open standard GIS software to government agencies. These include products from MapInfo, MapObjects, Integraph, Geomedia and SDE.

Our consultants and engineers work on a daily basis with these applications as most of our raw datasets are based on open standard vector formats.

Area of experience include:

  • Feasibility Assessment and System Prototyping of web-enabling of current GIS.
  • Read and manipulate data of various GIS formats.
  • Conversion of stand alone GIS into web enabled GIS applications.

Applications maintained include:

Property and Facilities Management

  • General plan mapping and analysis
  • Zoning mapping and case tracking
  • Demographic analysis and mapping

Public Safety 

  • Emergency response and recovery
  • Crime analysis and Emergency response routing


Corporate Sector

Streetdirectory has deployed its range of desktop based GIS application widely in Singapore as well as the region. The team's ability in conducting location study & analysis of a given area have provided many businesses with reliable information to stay competitive. Space is often deployed as part of the consultation process and it is able to render data developed on other mapping applications such as ArcInfo, MapObjects, Mapinfo, Geomedia and SDE.

Area of experience

  • Retail branch planning (Banking, FMCG, Retail)
  • Real estate planning and property analysis
  • Terrorism insurance (calculation of exposure limits)
  • Workforce management
  • Sales territory planning
  • Waste management
  • Distribution planning and analysis
  • Event simulation

Applications maintained include

  • Site selection & demographic analysis
  • Geo-referencing of customer specific spatial data
  • Location study and analysis
  • Strategy design, training and documentation
  • Internet solutions & web-enabling current GIS
  • Customized application relating to location & mapping
  • System/Network configuration and integration
  • Database evaluation, design and construct