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Singapore Satellite Building by Alphabetical Order
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Singapore Satellite Building Names starting with Alphabet G
G & W Precast, G And (&) U Asia Pacific Logistics Building, G'Value (Loyang Point), Gabriel Villas, Gain City, Gaines Laboratories, Gainurn Building, Galaxy Towers, Galen, Gali Trading, Galilee Bible Presbyterian Church, Gallery 8, Gallery Fifteen, Gallery Hotel, Gallop Court, Gallop Gables, Gallop Gardens, Gallop Green, Gallop Park, Gallop Ridge, Gallop Stable @ Pasir Ris, Gallop Villas, Galmon, Gambier Court, Gambir Gardens, Gambir Terrace, Gan Aquarium Fish Farm, Gan Eng Seng Primary School, Gan Eng Seng Secondary School, Gan Eng Seng Secondary School (Former), Ganges Centre, Gao Ming Hua Yuan, Garager Auto, Garden Apartments, Garden Beau,
Garden Food Centre, Garden Hotel, Garden View, Garden View Estate, Gardenia Court, Gardenia Foods, Gardenmart Pte Ltd, Gardens At Bishan, The, Gardenville, Gardenvista, Garlick Park, Garlick Ville, Garmco, Gas Services International, Gates Rubber, Gateway East, The, Gateway Hotel, Gay Beng Wood, Gay Gardens, Gay Villas, Gay World Amusement Park, Gay World Hotel, Gaylin, Gaylin, GB Building, GE Aircraft Engine, GE BETZ, GE Industrial System/Fanuc, GE Keppel Energy, GE Plastics, GE Seaco Asia, GE Tower, Gee Hock Hardware, Gek Lim Mansions, Gek Poh Shopping Centre,
Gek Poh Ville Community Club (CC), Gemalto, Gemini Apartments, Genaplast, General Cars, General Magnetics, General Motors, Genesis Building, The, Genesis School, Genome (Biopolis), Genova Industries, Genting Building, Genting Warehouse Complex, Gentle View, Gentle Villas, GEO Building, GEO Technique Building, Geo-Tele Centre, Geologistics Singapore Head Office, George Kent, George Kent (Singapore), Gerald Gardens, Gerald Park, Gerald Residence, German Centre, German Districentre, German European School Singapore, GES Singapore Pte Ltd, GETECH, Geylang Bahru Block 69 Market And Food Centre, Geylang Centre, Geylang Chinese Methodist Church, Geylang Conservation Area, Geylang East Community Library, Geylang East Fire Post,
Geylang East Swimming Pool Complexes, Geylang Fire Station (Former), Geylang Heritage, Geylang Mansions, Geylang Methodist Primary School, Geylang Methodist Secondary School, Geylang Methodist Secondary School (U/C), Geylang Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC), Geylang Polyclinic, Geylang Post Office, Geylang Post Office (PO Box), Geylang Serai Community Club (CC), Geylang Serai Malay Village, Geylang Serai Market, Geylang Serai Vocational Training Centre, Geylang Square (U/C), Geylang Square Flatted Factory Building, Geylang Stadium, Geylang Telephone Exchange, Geylang United FC Club house, Geylang United Temple, Geylang West Community Club (CC), GH Engineering, Ghim Cheong Enterprises, Ghim Li Group, Ghim Moh Estate Post Office (PO Box), Ghim Moh Market And Food Centre, Ghim Moh Primary School, Ghim Moh Secondary School (Former), Giambologna House, Giant Tampines, Gideon's Lodge, Giffard Mansion, Giken Seisakusho, Gillman Heights Condominium,
Gillman Village, Gilstead 38, Gilstead Apartments, Gilstead Brooks, Gilstead Court, Gilstead Mansion, Gilstead View, Gilstead, The, Gim Chuan Heng & Co., Gim Tim Group Of Restaurants, Gimmill Building, Ginza Plaza, Giocheng, Giok Hong Tian Temple, Girls' Brigade Centre (GB Centre), Gisborne Light, Givaudan Singapore, GKE International, GKE Metal Logistics, GKL, Glad Tidings Church, Glasgow Green, Glasgow Terrace, GlaxoSmithKline, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals (U/C - Dec 2008), Gleason, Glen Bromac, Glendale Park, Gleneagles Hospital, Gleneagles Medical Centre, Glenfield Apartments, Glenn Marine, Glensprings, Glentrees, Glenville,
Gliderol Doors, Glimex, Global Indian International School (GIIS) - East Coast Campus, Global Indian International School (GIIS) - Queenstown Campus, Global Marine, Global Ville, Globe Apartments, Globe The, Gloria Mansion, Glory Catering, Glory Metal Industries Corporation, Glory Presbyterian Church, Glory Wood Products, Gloryland Learning Centre, Gloucester Camp, Gloucester Fields And Archery Range Sports Complex, Gloucester Mansions, Glouchester Camp, GM Nameplate, GMG Building, GMTI Building, GN Packaging Industries, GNC, Gochek Apartment, Godrej, Goh & Goh Building, Goh Seng Lai, Goh Sin Huat, Gold Coast Condominium, Gold Green Corporation, Goldbell, Goldbell Towers, Goldearth Lodge, Golden Bridge, Golden Bukit Dormitory 1,
Golden Bukit Dormitory 2, Golden Castle Building, Golden Chuan Ville, Golden Dragon Hotel, Golden Heights, Golden Hill Estate, Golden Hill Park Condo, Golden Landmark Hotel, Golden Lotus, Golden Mile Complex, Golden Mile Food Centre, Golden Mile Tower, Golden Mushroom Enterprise, Golden Oaks, Golden Pagoda Buddhist Temple, Golden Palms, Golden Pines, Golden Rise Estate, Golden Seal, Golden Season (Former), Golden Shoe Car Park, Golden Shower Park, Golden Star Hotel, Golden Swan Industries And Trading, Golden Towers, Golden Tropical Fish, Golden Tulip, Golden Village (GV Jurong Point), Golden Village Cinemas (GV Yishun), Golden Villas, Golden Wall Centre, Golden Wall Flatted Factory, Golden Wheel Building, Golden Wheel Industrial Building, Golden Willows,
Goldenhill Park Condominium, Goldhill Centre, Goldhill Enterprise, Goldhill Garden, Goldhill Gardens, Goldhill Mansion, Goldhill Plaza, Goldhill Shopping Centre, Goldhill Towers, Goldin Export Processing Zone (Goldin EPZ), Goldleaf Gardens, Goldleaf Mansions, Goldlion Building, Goldpalm Mansions, Goldpine Industrial Building, Goldwood Gardens, Goltens, Gombak Base, Gomet Engineering, Gongshang Primary School, Good Rich, Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten, Goodeal Marketing, Goodland Building, Goodlands Hydroponic Farms, Goodlink Park, Goodluck Garden, Goodluck View, Goodnews Baptist Church, Goodrich, Goodrich, Goodrich Aerostructure Groups, Goodrich Park, Goodview Apartments, Goodvine Building,
Goodwill Court, Goodwill Mansion, Goodwood Florist, Goodwood Gardens, Goodwood Park, Gordon Industrial Building, Gordon Warehouse Building, Gospel Light Christian Church, Gourmet East Kitchen, Government Chalets, Government Co-Op Hsingest@Taikenggdn, Government Co-Op Hsingest@Windsor Park, Govt Co-Op Housing Estate, Gow Hong Temple, GP Battery, GP Manufacturing (S) Pte Ltd, GPAC Technology, GPL Terrace, Grace, Grace (Singapore Chinese Christian) Church, Grace Apartments, Grace Assembly Of God Church, Grace Baptist Church, Grace Bible Presbyterian Church, Grace Court, Grace Fellowship Church (Former), Grace Garden, Grace Independent Baptist Church, Grace Methodist Church, Grace Park, Grace Redeemed Church (Guilin Building), Gracefields Kindergarten, Gracehaven The Salvation Army, Gracious Mansions, Grainfield,
Gramercy Music, Grand Apartment, Grand Building, Grand Chateau, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Grand Duchess At Saint Patrick's, Grand Hotel, Grand Hyatt Singapore, Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel, Grand Plaza Park Hotel, Grand Regalia Condominium, Grand Regency, Grand Residence, Grand Tower, Grande Alliance Corporation Pte Ltd, Grande Building, Grande Vista, Grandeur 8, Grandhome Scaffold Enterprise, Grandiflora, The, Grandlink Square, Grandluxe, Grandmax Hotel, Grandneo Mansions, Grange 70, Grange 80, Grange Court, Grange Heights, Grange Mansion, Grange Residences, Grange Road Apartments, Grange Tower, Grangeford, Grant Prideco, Grapevine,
Grassroots Club, The, Gray Mansions, Graze, Great Banks, Great Earth, Great Eastern @ Changi, Great Eastern Centre, Great Eastern House, Great Pacific Warehouse, Great World City, Great World Serviced Apartments, Greatwood Building, Green & White Cement, Green Anderson, Green Bank Park, Green Circle, Green Court, Green Fairways Golf Course And Driving Range, Green Gardens, Green Hill Estate, Green Lodge, Green Meadow's Tower, Green Meadows Condominium, Green Meadows Tower, Green Peak, Green Springs, Green Valley Farm, Greenbank Park, Greenbay Marine, Greenchem Technology, Greendale Court, Greendale Secondary School, Greenflo, Greenland Plastic, Greenlane Apartments,
Greenridge, Greenridge Primary School, Greenridge Secondary School, Greenridge Shopping Centre, Greenview Secondary School, Greenwood Condominium, The, Greenwood Primary School, Greenwood Villas, Greif Singapore, Grenville, Griffin Kinetic, Griffiths Primary School, Gritblasting, Grocery Logistics Of Singapore (GLS), Grosvenor View, Group Industries, GRP Industrial Building, GRP Limited, GRTH Building, Grundfos, Gryphon Terrace, GS, GS Building, GS Yuasa, GSE Golden Spring Export Pte Ltd, GSM, GSM Building, GT Industrial, GTW Industrial Building, Guan Bee Hardware, Guan Chuan, Guan Guan Plastic Industries, Guan Hua Warehouse Building, Guan Loong Shen, Guan Ming Hardware and Engineering Pte Ltd,
Guan Peng Hardware, Guan Poh Dim Sum, Guan Seng Hardware, Guan Seng Huat, Guan Soon Terrace, Guan Soon Villas, Guang Ming Industrial Building, Guang Xiao Shan Cemetery, Guangyang Primary School, Guangyang Secondary School, Guangyang Secondary School (Temporary Until June 2005), Guilin Building, Guilin Combined Temple, Guilin Court, Guilin Mansions, Guilin View, Guillemard Apartment, Guillemard Camp, Guillemard Court, Guillemard View, GUL Technologies, GUL Technologies Singapore, Gurdwara Katong, Gurkha Contingent, Guthrie Building, Guthrie Engineering, Guthrie House, Guthrie Marketing