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Singapore Building Names starting with Alphabet W
Wah & Hua, Wah Guan Hup Kee, Wah Heng Glass Holdings, Wah Lei Industrial, Wah Seng Tobacco, Wah Seong Press, Wah Son Eng, Wah Sua Keng Temple, Wah Tat Hardware, Wai Onn Engineering & Construction, Wai Seng Hydraulics, Wai Wing Centre, Waikiki Spa Resort, Waldorf Mansions, Wallich Building, Wan Brothers, Wan Li Lian He Dian Temple, Wan Sern Metal Industries, Wan Tai, Wan Tho Lodge, Wanco Industrial, Wang Chong Lee Building, Wang Lodge, Wang-Fu Industry, Wangi Industrial Building, Waress Land Pte Ltd (U/C), Warner Court, Warren Golf And Country Club, Wartsila Singapore Pte Ltd, Wartsila Singapore Pte Ltd, Waseda Shibuya Senior High School, Washin Auto, Washingtonia Villa, Wason Industries, Water Place,
Watercrest, Waterdale, The, Waterfall Gardens (U/C - Top 31 Dec 2010), Waterford Residence (U/C), Waterford Terrace, Waterfront Plaza, Waterfront View, Waterina, The, Waterloo Apartments, Waterloo Centre, Waterloo Hostel (Catholic Welfare Centre), Waterloo View, Watermark Robertson Quay, Watson Plastics Industries, Watson's Warehouse, Watt Eurodrive, Watten Estate, Watten Estate Condominium, Watten Hill, Wavelink Building, Way Co, Wearnes Technology Building, Wearness Gas, Wecom Engineering, Wedge Mount Industrial Building, Wedgewood Mansions, Wee Hoe Cheng, Wee Hur Building, Wee Hur Construction, Wee Yap, Wei Cian Foods, Wei Ling Keng Temple, Wei Min Garden, Wei Ming Garden, Wei Ministry Garden,
Wei Tuo Fa Gong Temple, Wei Zhen Miao, Welfare Division, Welkin Mansion, Wellington Building, Wellington Garden, Wellington Park, Wellington Primary School, Welmet, Weltech Industrial Building, Wemark Techno Engineering, Wen Yuan Court, Weng Yew, Wepco, Wescot, Wesley Methodist Church, Wessex Estate, Wessy Photo Centre, West Bay Condominium, West Coast Ayer Rajah Town Council (Boon Lay Office), West Coast Car Mart, West Coast Community Centre (CC), West Coast Drive Block 502 Market, West Coast Drive Block 503 Food Centre, West Coast Recreation Centre, West Coast View, West Coast-Ayer Rajah Town Council (Clementi Office), West Court, West Grove Primary School, West Mall, West Pharmaceutical Services Singapore, West Point Family Hospital, West Point Pearl Garden, West Sea Gardens, West Spring Secondary School,
West Street Impex, West View Primary School, Westcove Condominium, Western Electronics, Western Environmental Health District Office, Western Grove, Westlake Gardens, Westlink Techpark, Westlite Dormitory, Westlite Dormitory, Westmere, Westpark Apartments, Westpeak, Westpeak Condominium, Westpeak Terrace, Westpoint Apartments, Westpoint Condominium, Westpoint Transit, Westridge, Westvale, Westview Garden, Westville, Westwood Apartments, Westwood Park, Westwood Secondary School, Weta Engineering, WH Brennan And Corporation Pte Ltd, Whampoa Community Club (CC), Whampoa Drive Block 90 Food Centre, Whampoa Drive Block 91 Food Centre, Whampoa Drive Block 92 Market, Wharton Vale, Wheelock Place, White Horse Ceramic, White House,
White House Park Apartments, White Sands Primary School, White Sands Shopping By The Sea, White Water, Whitewater Phase 1, Whitford, Whitley Heights Condominium, Whitley Neighbourhood Police Post (NPP), Whitley Secondary School (Temporary - Until June 2008), Whitley Secondary School (U/C - June 2008), Who Hup, WHS, WHS Global Logistics, Wicker 21 (Tanglin Village), Widefield Industrial Building, Wiedson House, Wieland, Wieland Metals Singapore Pte Ltd, Wilby Central, Wilby Service Apartment, Wild Rice, Wild Wild Wet, Wilhelm, Wilkie 48, Wilkie 87, Wilkie Apartments, Wilkie Court, Wilkie Grove (U/C), Wilkie Lodge, Wilkie Mansion, Wilkie Regency, Wilkie Studio, Wilkie Vale, Williamson And King, Willow Nursery,
Wills Manufacturing Corporation, Willyn Ville, Wilmer Court, Wilmer House, Wilmer Lodge, Wilmer Park, Wilmer Place, Wilsin Office Furniture, Wilson Cable, Wilson Food Junction, Wimbledon Bicycle and Cafetaria, Wimborne Villa, Win Pac, Win Sin, Winchester Place, Wincor Nixdorf, Windermere, Windmill, The, Windsor Airmotive Asia, Windsor Nursing Home, Windsor Park Estate, Windsor Park Road Nts' Association Club House, Windsor Playskool, Windsor, The, Windy Heights, Wine Bos, Wine Network (Tanglin Village), Winfield Hall Of Residences, Winfield Mansions, Wing Fong Building, Wing Fong Court, Wing Fong Mansion, Wing Huat Loong, Wing Lee, Wing Loong Industries,
Wing On Cheng, Wing On Cheung, Wing On Life Garden, Wing Seng Logistics, Wing Tai Building, Wing Tai Industrial Centre, Wing Tuck Engineering, Wing Yip Building, Winmax Industries, Winsland House I, Winsland House II, Winsome Apartments, Winstedt Apartments, Winstedt Court East, Winston Engineering Corpn. (Pte) Ltd, Wintech Centre, Winter Furnishing, Wirtgen Singapore, Wisdom Industrial Building, Wisma A.U.P.E., Wisma Alsagoff, Wisma Atria, Wisma Gulab, Wisma Mendaki, Wisma MTFA, Wisma Sugnomal, WKS Industrial, WLAW LLC Advocates And Solicitors Building, Woddy Lodge, Woh Hup, Woh Hup Food Industries, Woh Hup Ind & Engineering, Wolskel Lodge, Wonder Garden, Wong Fong Engineering Works (1988) Pte Ltd,
Wong Hin Long, Wong Hin Long Technologies, Wong Sam Ngian, Wong Shee Fun Building, Woo Mon Chew Court, Wood Farm Lifestyle (Tanglin Village), Woodbridge Hospital Institute Of Mental Health (IMH), Woodgrove Condominium, Woodgrove Estate, Woodgrove Primary School, Woodgrove Secondary School, Woodlands Autospare, Woodlands Central Post Office (PO Box), Woodlands Centre Road Block 4A Food Centre, Woodlands Checkpoint, Woodlands Checkpoint, Woodlands Civic Centre, Woodlands Civic Centre, Woodlands Regional Library, Woodlands Community Club/Centre (CC), Woodlands Delivery Base, Woodlands Dormitory, Woodlands East Industrial Estate, Woodlands Evangelical Free Church, Woodlands Fire Post, Woodlands Fire Station, Woodlands Industrial Park, Woodlands Market Place, Woodlands Mart, Woodlands Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC), Woodlands North Plaza, Woodlands Park, Woodlands Point, Woodlands Primary School, Woodlands Ring Primary School, Woodlands Ring Secondary School,
Woodlands Secondary School, Woodlands Spectrum, Woodlands Sports Hall, Woodlands Stadium, Woodlands Sunny Food, Woodlands Swimming Pool Complex, Woodlands Telephone Exchange, Woodlands Theatre, Woodlands Train Checkpoint, Woodlands Transport, Woodleigh Grove, Woodleigh Park, Woodsvale, Woodsville Court (Demolished), Woodsville Mansions, Woodview Villas, Woody Antique House (Tanglin Village), Woollerton Park, Woollerton Park Apartments, Woon Leng Nursery, Workers Dorm, World Farms Pte Ltd, World Health Organisation (WHO) Representative Office Breast Cancer Foundation, World Logistic, World Publications Building, World Scientific Publishing Centre, Worthington (U/C), WPG, Wrist Care, Wrist Far East, WSU Printed Circuit, WTP The Furniture Company, WTT Trading, Wu Cao Da Bo Gong Gong Temple, Wu Lui Sien Sze Temple,
Wu Tai Shan Buddhist Temple, Wu Tang San Temple, Wui Guang Bldg, Wui Hong Enterprise, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, WYN 2000, WYWY, WYWY House