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Singapore Building Names starting with Alphabet F
F&B and Entertainment Zone, F&N Foods, Fa Shi Lin Temple, FA Systems, Fa Yew Construction, Faber Crest, Faber Garden, Faber Garden Condominium, Faber Heights Open Space, Faber Hills, Faber Hills Apartments, Faber Hills Condominium, Faber House, Faber Terrace, Fabri Tech Components, Fabricare Services, Fabristeel, FACI, Faculty Of Arts And Social Sciences, Faculty Of Science, FAEZ Apartment, Fagerdala, Fagerdala Singapore, Fair Chem, Fair View Court, Fairfield Methodist Church, Fairfield Methodist Primary School, Fairfield Methodist Secondary School, Fairhaven, Fairlodge, Fairmount Condominium, Fairview Court, Fairway Country Club Golf Driving Ranges, Fairways, Fairwood Park,
Faith Assembly Of God Church, Faith Bible - Presbyterian Church, Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC Touchcentre), Faith Methodist Church, Faith Sanctuary, Fajar Neighbourhood Shopping Centre, Fajar Secondary School, Falcon Piling, Fame Court, Familie Mansion, Fang Huo Yuan Temple, Fansida Building, Fanta Garden, Far East Fabricators, Far East Finance Building, Far East Flora Com P.L, Far East Flora Pte Ltd, Far East Mansion, Far East Packaging Industrial, Far East Plaza, Far East Refrigeration Building, Far East Shopping Centre, Far East Square, Far Eastern Bank Building (FEB), Far Horizon Gardens, Far Ocean Sea Products, Farle Building, Farmart Centre, Farrer Court, Farrer Grove, Farrer Park Field, Farrer Park Gardens, Farrer Park Primary School, Farrer Park Stadium, Farrer Park Swimming Pool Complex,
Farrer Park Tennis Centre, Farron, Fascina, Fastrax Motorsport, Faxolif Industries, FC (Family Food Court), FCI Microconnections Asia, FCI Singapore, Federal Express (Fedex), Federal Hardware, Federal Packaging Industries, Federation Of Youth Clubs, Singapore, Fei Xia Jing She Building, Fenara Court, Feng Huat, Feng Lai Mansion, Fengli Gardens, Fengshan Community Club/Centre (CC), Fengshan Primary School, Feoso, Fern Lodge, Fern Loft Backpacker (Singapore) Hostel, Fernhill Cottage, Fernhill Court, Fernhill Garden, Fernhill Gardens, Fernhill Lodge, Fernhill Residence (U/C), Fernloft Chinatown (Hostel), Fernvale Court, Fernvale Point, Fernvale Primary School, Fernwood Terraces, Fernwood Towers, Ferrari,
Ferraria (U/C - TOP 31 August 2010), FES Industries, Festo, Fiamm Asia Pacific, Fico Sports Hub, FIDA International, Fidvi Court, Fifth (5th) Avenue Condominium, Figaro Gardens, Fine Sheetmetal Technologies, Fineplas Holdings, Finessco, Finger Pier Building, Finland Gardens, Finnish Supplementary School, Fintek Industries, Fire Armour, Fire Flies Health Farm, Firetronics, Firmenich Asia Pte Ltd, First Civil Engineering, First DCS, First Engineering Techno Centre, First Evangelical Reformed Church, First Mansion (Former), First Recycling Industries Pte Ltd, First Stor, First Toa Payoh Primary School, First Toa Payoh Secondary School, Fischer Tech Ltd (Plant 1), Fischer Tech Ltd (Plant 2), Fish City, Fisherman's Village (Singa Fiesta), Five Legends Of Mountbatten (U/C), Five Star,
FJ Benjamin, Flame Tree Park, Flamingo Valley, Flash, Flender Singapore, Flexmech, Flexon, Flextronics, Flextronics Plastics, Flight Operation Building, Flo-Line, Flomatic, Flora East, Flora Inn Hotel, Flora West, Floravale, The, Florence Gardens, Florence Grove, Florence Row, Florence Ville, Florida Park, Florida, The, Florissa Park, Flow Serve, Fluid-Tee Engineering And Trading, Flynn Park, FMC, FME Onyx, Foamtec Pte Ltd, Focchi, Focus Adventure, Foh Foh Building, Foh Pin Garden, Foh Pin Mansion, Fon Fischer,
Fong Lee Machinery Industrial Building, Fong Lee Metal Industrial Building, Fong Shen, Fong Tat, Fong Tat Building, Fong Yun Tai Association's Columbarium, Fongs Engineering And Mfg Pte Ltd, Fongsoon Engineering, Fontana Garden, Fontana Heights, Foo Chow Building, Foo Hai Ch'an Monastery Temple, Foo Wah Industrial Building, Foochow Methodist Church Kindergarten, FoodBex Global, Fook Hai Building, Fook Seng Fatt, Fook Tong Nam Building, Foong Shoon Fui Kuan Building, Footcare and Limb Design Centre (Tan Tock Seng Hospital), Ford Place, Forest Hills Condominium, Formwell Products, Fort Canning Centre, Fort Canning Cultural Club, Fort Canning Lodge Hotel, Fort Gardens, Fort Terrace, Fortredale, Fortuna Court, Fortuna Garden, Fortuna Gardens, Fortuna Hill, Fortuna Hotel, Fortuna Seaview Villas,
Fortune Centre, Fortune Jade, Fortune Park, Fortune Spring, Fortville, Forum The Shopping Centre Mall, Forward Motors Pte Ltd, Foster Asia Pacific, Four (4) Chain View Hotel, Four (4) Seas Bank Building, Four (4) Seasons Hotel Singapore, Four (4) Seasons Park, Four (4) Star Building, Four Seas, Fowseng Plastic, Fragrance Backpackers Hostel, Fragrance Court, Fragrance Hotel (Balestier), Fragrance Hotel (Classic), Fragrance Hotel (Crystal), Fragrance Hotel (Emerald), Fragrance Hotel (Kovan), Fragrance Hotel (Pearl), Fragrance Hotel (Rose), Fragrance Hotel (Ruby), Fragrance Hotel (Sapphire), Fragrance Hotel (Selegie), Fragrant Gardens, Framework, Frank Mohn Singapore Pte. Ltd, Frankel Estate, Franklin Offshore, Franklin Offshore International, Fransmer, Fraser & Neave,
Fraser Place Serviced Residences, Fraser Suites, Free Christian Church Of Singapore, The, Freemason Hall, Freesia Woods, Freight Links Express Districentre, Freight Links Express Distripark, Freight Links Express Logisticentre, Freight Links Express Logisticpark, French Embassy, French Embassy (Former), Fresh Milk Suppliers, Friven & Co, Frontech Centre, Frontier, Frontier (U/C), Frontken, Frost and Food, FRP Products, Fruition (U/C), FTMS House, Fu An Temple (Former), Fu De Gong Temple, Fu Lu Shou Complex, Fu Tsu Building, Fu Xi Tang Temple, Fu Yu, Fu Yuan Enterprise, Fu Yuen Building, Fu-Xing Paediatric & Family Clinic, Fuchun Community Club/Centre (CC), Fuchun Primary School, Fuchun Secondary School, Fuda Traders, Fudu Park,
Fuel Accessory Service Technologies Pte Ltd, Fuhua Primary School, Fuhua Secondary School, Fuisland Offset Printing, Fuji Hunt, Fuji Offset Plates, Fuji Oil Singapore, Fuji Pla Engineering, Fuji Trading Singapore, Fuji Xerox Towers, Fujicon Engineering Pte Ltd, Fujifilm Building, Fujitec Singapore Corporation, Fulflex, Full Glass, Full Gospel Assembly, Fullerton Waterboat House, The, Fullion Building, Fullmark, Fulton Hill, Fumar, Fun's Florist And Nursery, Funan Digitalife Mall, Furama City Centre Singapore, Furama Riverfront Singapore, Furama Tower, Furama Waterfront, Furnishing 25, Fusion Clad (FC), Fusion Monitor Pte Ltd, Fusionpolis (U/C), Fusionweld, Futar Enterprises, Futsing Association Building, Futura,
FUWA, Fuyong Estate, Fuyuen Court