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Singapore Building Names starting with Alphabet C
CJ Gls, Church Of Christ (Bedok), Chinese Cemetery, Cherry Nursing Home, Centre for Employability Skills, C & E Centre (Lentor Camp), C And C Service Centre, C And P Transport, C Steinweg Warehousing, C&P Rent-A-Car, CE Building, C.O.S Printers, Cactus Bloom, Cactus Engineering And Trading, Cactus Green, Cai Gardens, Caifu View, Cairnhill Community Club (CC), Cairnhill Conservation Area, Cairnhill Crest, Cairnhill Gardens, Cairnhill Heights, Cairnhill Mansion, Cairnhill Methodist Church, Cairnhill Place, Cairnhill Plaza, Cairnhill Residences (U/C - Top 27 Apr 2010), Cairnhill Towers, Cairnhill View, Cairnhill, The, Calarasi, Caldecott Hill Estate, Calisay, Call Centre Council Of Singapore, Callista, The,
Caltex House, Calvary Assembly Of God Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Calvary Bible-Presbyterian Church, Crown Metalbox, Camay Court, Cambium, Cool Air Technology, Cambridge Childcare, Cambridge Village, Camco, Camden Medical Centre, Camden Park, Camelia Park, Camellia Lodge, Camelodge, Camelot, Cameron Hotel, Camwood Park, Canadian International School (Elementary School), Canary Park, Canary Ville, Canberlin Apartments, Canberlin Lodge, Canberra Community Centre (CC), Canberra Primary School, Canberra Secondary School, Candeville, Candy Greenhouse & Flowers, Cannaville, Canne Lodge, Canne Ville (Former), Cannosa Convent, Canon Digital Media Hub, Cantonese Methodist Kum Yan Church,
Cape East, Cape Inn, The, Capital Square, Capital Tower, Capitol Building, Capitol Centre, Capitol Gravure Industrial Building P/C, Capitol Park, Capri View, Carbicle Tools, Cardiff Court, Carepoint, Cargo Agents Building A, Cargo Agents Building B, Cargo Agents Building C, Cargo Agents Building D, Caribbean At Keppel Bay, Carissa Park Condominium, Carlisle Court, Carlton Hotel, Carlton Terrace (Demolished), Carmelite Monastery, Carmi Mansions, Carnaud Metalbox, Carpmael Lodge, Carrier, CASA, Casa Aroma, Casa Cairnhill, Casa Chatsworth, Casa Contendere, Casa Emerald, Casa Emma, Casa Espania, Casa Esperanza,
Casa Flora, Casa Holdings, Casa Irrawaddy, Casa Jervois, Casa Melwani, Casa Meyfort, Casa Nallur, Casa Nassau, Casa Novacrest, Casa Pasir Ris, Casa Perla, Casa Riviera, Casa Rosa Condominium, Casa Rosita, Casa Sarina, Casa Sereno, Casa Sophia, Casa Uno, Casabella, Casablanca Condominium, Casafina, Cascadale, Cascadia, Cascata, Cashew Estate, Cashew Gardens, Cashew Heights, Cashew Park Condominium, Cashew Villas, Cassia View, Castilla, Castle Court, Castle Green, Castrol House, Casuarina Cove,
Casuarina Primary School, Catermas Engineering, Caterpillar, Caterpillar Asia, Cathay Apartments, Cathay Gardens, Cathedral Of Glory (Lian Soon Building), Cathedral Of The Good Shepherd, Catholic Church Of Christ The King, Catholic Church Of Saint Ignatius, Catholic High School, Catholic Junior College, Catholic Junior College Hostel, Catholic SOC & VOC Training Centre, Catholic Welfare Centre, Causeway Paints, Causeway Point Shopping Centre, Cavenagh Court, Cavenagh Fortuna, Cavenagh Garden, Cavenagh Gardens, Cavenagh House, Cavenagh Lodge, Cavenagh Mansions, Cavendish Park, CBC Sports Complex, CBF International Pte Ltd, CDAC Building, CDIS Production Centre, CDS, Cecil Court, Cecil House, Cedar Girls' Secondary School, Cedar Primary School, CEH Industrial Building,
CEL Tractors, Celadon View, Cementaid, Cemtex Industrial Building, Cencon Building, Cencon I, Centennial Tower, Central Christian Church, Central Clinic And Surgery (Ang Mo Kio), Central Clinic And Surgery (Clementi), Central Clinic And Surgery (Hougang), Central Clinic And Surgery (Yishun Central), Central Community (National Library Board), Central Fire Station, Central Green Condominium, Central Grove, Central Laundry, Central Library, Central Mall, Central Manpower Base (CMPB), Central Meadows, Central Package Group, Central Plaza, Central Police Divisional Headquarters ('A' Division), Central Refrigeration And Airconditioning, Central Sikh Gurdwar, Central Singapore Joint Social Service Centre, Central Staal Singapore, Central Telephone Exchange, Central Veterinary Laboratory, Central View Tower 1, Central View Tower 2, Centre For Animal Welfare And Control, Centre For Drug Administration, Centre For Exceptional Children,
Centrepoint Apartments, Centro Bianco, Centros (Biopolis), Century Industrial Building, Century Mansions, Century Square, Century Technology Building, Century Towers, Century Ville, Century Warehouse, Century Woods, Cerebral Palsy Centre, CES Building, Ceylon Court, Ceylon Crest, CFM (Cheong Fatt Metal Factory), CG Aerospace Warehouse, CGH Building, CGU Insurance Centre, Chai Chee Fire Post, Chai Chee Secondary School, Champagnat House, Champagne Hotel, Champion Motors, Chan Chor Min Tong Temple, Chan Lee Chai, Chan Metal Finishing, Chancerlodge Complex, Chancery Corner, Chancery Court, Chancery Esquire, Chancery Garden, Chancery Grove, Chancery Lodge, Chancery Park,
Chancery Ville, Change Alley Aerial Plaza, Changi Airbase, Changi Airfreight Centre, Airline House Centre, Changi Airport Cargo Checkpoint Complex, Changi Airport Police Pass Office, Changi Airport Post Office, Changi Airport (Terminal 1), Changi Airport (Terminal 2), CPG Consultants Pte Ltd - Airport Development Division, Changi Baptist Church, Changi Beach Club, Changi Bethany Church, Changi Camp, Changi Cargo Agents Megaplex 1, Changi Complex, Changi Court, Changi Field, Changi Fire Station, Changi Garden, Changi Garden Condominium, Changi General Hospital, Changi Golf Club, Changi Green, Changi Grove, Changi Heights, Changi Hotel, Changi Immigration Control Post, Changi International Airport Services (CIAS), Changi International Logistics Centre, Changi Methodist Church, Changi Naval Base, Changi Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC), Changi Rise Condominium, Changi Sailing Club,
Changi Simei Community Club (CC), Changi South Amenity Centre, Changi Telephone Exchange, Changi Village Chalets, Changi Village Road Block 2 Food Centre, Changi Village Road Block 3 Market, Changkat Changi Secondary School, Changkat Primary School, Chans Ville, Chantilly Rise, Chapel Court, Chapel Of Christ The King, Chapel Of Christ The Redeemer, Chapel Of The Resurrection, Chapel Lodge, Char Yong Building, Char Yong Gardens, Charis Assembly Of God Church, Charis Lodge, Charis Methodist Church, Charis Tabernacle Church, The, Charisma View, Charleston, Charlton Corner, Charlton Court, Charlton Gardens, Charlton Lodge, Charlton Park, Charme Industrial Building (Former), Charming Gardens, Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd, Chateau De Hollande, Chateau Eliza, Chateau Le Fame, Chatelet,
Chatsworth International School (Orchard Campus), Che Suyan, Check Sian Tng Temple, Chee Ghee Deang Chiang Ching Meow Temple, Chee Hoon Sun Kong Temple, Chee Hwan Kog Singapore Building, Chee Tong Temple, Cheeryland Montessori House, Chek Chai Long Chuen Temple, Chek Hong Leather, CHEK Sian Tng Temple, Chelsea Gardens, Chelsea Lodge, Chelsea Village, Chemetall Asia, Chemgas, Chemitreat, Chemicals & Machinery, Chemical Corporation Of Singapore, Chemical Industries, Chemical Process Technology Centre (CPTC), Chempark, Chem Solv Technologies, Chemtec, Chen Brothers, Chen Fang Mansions, Chen Hock Heng Textile Printing, Chen Jing Jue Mansions, Cheng Beng Buddhist Society, Cheng Chwee Huat Industrial Building, Cheng Heng Paper Product, Cheng Hong Siang Tng Temple, Cheng Lim See Temple, Cheng Meng Building, Cheng Pun School,
Cheng San Centre, Cheng San Community Club (CC), Cheng San Community Library, Cheng Soon Garden, Cheng Soon Hong, Cheng Yew Heng Candy Factory, Chengtai Nursery, Chenn Leonn Building, Cheow Leng Beo Temple, Cher Li Temple, Cher Lian Tong Buddhist Temple (Cheng Hwa Cher Siah Temple), Chern Seng Building, Cherry Gardens, Cherryhill Condominium, Chesed-El Synagogue, Cheso, Chester Park, Chestervale, Chestnut Drive Secondary School, Chestnut Gardens, Chestnut Ville I, Chettiar Temple, Cheung Woh Metal Works, Cheung Woh Technologies, Chevalier House, Chevon International, Chevron Phillips, Chez Bright Apartment, Chi Hock Keng Temple, Chia Hung Boo Temple, Chia Khim Lee, Chian Pok Ee Temple, Chiang Hong, Chiang Hong Building, Chiang's Court,
Chiap Seng Contractors, Chiap Seng Hong Trading, Chiat Hong Building, CHIJ (Bukit Timah) - Temporary until June 2007, CHIJ (Katong) Primary School (Former), CHIJ (Kellock), CHIJ Katong Convent, CHIJ Our Lady Of Good Counsel (Former), CHIJ Our Lady Of Good Counsel, CHIJ Our Lady Of The Nativity, CHIJ Primary School (Toa Payoh), CHIJ Saint Joseph's Convent, CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls' School, CHIJ Saint Theresa's Convent, CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh), Chiku Mansions, Childcare Centre, Chiltern Park Condominium, Chin Bee Mansions, Chin Heng Building, Chin Hin Hang Building, Chin Leong Corporation, Chin Lien Bible Seminary, Chin Seng Hin, Chin Seng Moh (Import & Export), Chin Wah (Paints), Chin Yuan Metal, China Court, China Square Central, China Square Food Centre, Chinatown Complex, Chinatown Hotel, Chinatown Point, Chinese Recreation Club, Chinese Seventh (7th)-Day Adventist Church,
Chinese Swimming Club ( U/C ), Ching Shine Industrial Building, Chinsim Industrial Centre, Chip Aik, Chip Bee Gardens, Chip Guan Tian Kee U/C, Chip Hock Gardens, Chip Thye Garden, Chip Tiong Industrial Building, Chip Yew, Chiselhurst Green, Chiverton, Chiyoda Singapore, Chloride Batteries S.E. Asia, Chng Mansions, Choa Chu Kang (CCK) Cemetery Office, Choa Chu Kang Bible Centre, Choa Chu Kang Camp, Choa Chu Kang Community Club/Centre, Choa Chu Kang Yew Tee Chun Lian He Miow Temple, Chong Boon Secondary School, Chong Fong Engineering, Chong Hua Tong Tou Teck Hwee, Chong Hua Tong Tou Teck Hwee Building, Chong Kim Apartment, Chong Pang Camp, Chong Pang Combined Temple, Chong Pang Community Club/Centre (CC), Chong Sun Wood, Chong Wah Industries, Chong Yee Temple, Chongfu Primary School, Chongzheng Primary School, Choo Building Centre, Choon Hin Stainless Steel,
Choon Huat Engineering, Choon Sing Garden, Chop Hup Chong Food Industries, Chow House, Chris-Marine, Christ Church Secondary School, Christ Methodist Church, Christalite Methodist Home, Christian Assembly Hall, The, Christian Columbarium (The Garden Of Remembrance), Christian Community Chapel Church, Christian Outreach For The Handicapped, Chromos (Biopolis), CHS Building, Chu Sheng Temple, Chu Siang Tong Temple, Chua Chek Tien Building, Choa Chu Kang Community Club (CC), Choa Chu Kang Primary School, Choa Chu Kang Public Educational Centre, Chua Chu Kang Secondary School, Chua Chuan Leong And Sons, Chuan Aik Auto, Chuan Building, Chuan Garden, Chuan Hoe Gardens, Chuan Hoe Mansion, Chuan Huat Hin Shipbuilder, Chuan Hup Holdings Limited, Chuan Kiat Metal And Industries (Former), Chuan Lee Hin Tyres Trading, Chuan Leong, Chuan Leong Metalimpex, Chuan Loft, Chuan Park,
Chuan Seng Building, Chuan Seng Heng, Chuan Terrace, Chuan Vale, Chuan View, Chuan Villas, Chuan Ville, Chuan Vista, Chuan Vista II, Chuang Uming, Chubb, Chun Tin Court, Chung Ah, Chung Chin Flats, Chung Shan Plastic, Church In Singapore, The, Church Of Christ (Moulmein Road), Church Of Christ (Pasir Panjang), Church Of Christ (Jurong), Church Of Christ Of Malaya, Church Of God, Church Of Our Lady Of Lourdes, Church Of Our Lady Of Perpetual Succour, Church Of Our Lady Queen Of Peace, Church Of Our Lady Star Of The Sea, Church Of Praise, Church Of The Sacred Heart, Church Of Saint Anthony Of Padua, Church Of Saint Bernadette, Church Of Saint Francis Of Assisi, Church Of Saint Vincent De Paul, Church Of Singapore, Church Of Singapore (Bukit Timah), Church Of The Blessed Sacrament, Church Of The Good Shepherd,
Church Of The Holy Cross, Church Of The Holy Family Katong, Church Of The Holy Spirit, Church Of The Holy Trinity, Church Of The Nativity Of The Blessed Virgin Mary, Church Of The Resurrected Living Christ, Church Of The Risen Christ, Church Of The True Light, Churchen Su Lan Methodist Church Home, Chutex Building, Chuville, Chwee Chian Garden, Chwee Chian View, Chwee Kang Beo, Chye Hin Hardware, Chye Joo Construction, Chye Sing Building, Ci Yuan Community Centre (CC), Ci Zheng Gong Temple, CIAS Cargo Centre Terminal, Cichlid Aquarium Supplies, CID Building, Cideco Industrial Complex, Cintech 1 (One) Building, Circuit Base Chemical, Circuit Road Block 79 Food Centre, Circuit Road Block 79A Food Centre, Circuit Road Block 80 Market And Food Centre, Circuit Road Block 89 Market And Food Centre, Circuits Plus, Cirtech International, Cisco Centre, Cisco Recall Centre, Cisco Recall Total Information Management Centre, Citaraya Industries,
Citilink Warehouse Complex, Citimac Industrial Complex, Citipoint Industrial Complex, Citiport Centre, Citiraya Centre, Citiraya Industries, Cititech Industrial Building, Cititech Industrial Engineering, City Garden, City Hardware, City House, City Industrial Building, City Plaza, City Towers, City Warehouse, Citycab, Citylink Mall, Cityneon Design Centre, Cityvale, Civic Terrace Warehouse, Civil Aviation Authority Of Singapore (Singapore Changi Airport), Civil Defence Academy, Civil Defence Camp, Civil Service College (CSC), Claremont, Clariant, Clarke Quay, Classical Terrace, Classique Hotel, Claymore Point, Claymore, The, Cleanway Disposal, Clearlab, Clearwater, The, Clemenceau Court,
Clementi Arcade, Clementi Avenue 2 Block 353 Market And Food Centre, Clementi Shopping Centre, Clementi Avenue 3 Block 448 Market And Food Centre, Clementi Bible Centre, Clementi Camp, Clementi Cinema And Theatre, Clementi Community Centre (CC), Clementi Fire Station, Clementi Green, Clementi Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC), Clementi Park, Clementi Police Divisional Headquarters ('D' Division), Clementi Semac's Depot, Clementi Sports Hall, Clementi Stadium, Clementi Swimming Complex, Clementi Primary School, Clementi Town Secondary School (U/C - Dec 2008), Clementi View, Clementi Warehouse, Clementi West Fire Post, Clementi West Street 2 Block 726 Market And Food Centre, Clifford Centre, Clifford Pier (Former), Clipsal, CLLS (Chong Lee Leong Seng), Clover Park, Cluny Court, Cluny Park, Clydes Residences (U/C), Clydescove, Clydesview, Clydesville, Clydeswood,
CMB Tech, CMH Industrial Building, CMKS Building, CMO Building, Chugoku Marine Paints (CMP), CMPB Depot Road Camp, CMR (Far East), Coastarina (U/C - Top 30 Aug 2006), Coates Brothers, Coffee Bean, Coffeshops, Cogent, COIM Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Colchester Park, Co-Leta Trading, Colex Holdings, College Green Hostel, College Of Medicine Building (MOH), Colonnade, Columbus, Combuster Airmotive Services, Comcentre, Comcentre II, Comcentre III, Comfort Automotive Service, Comfort Automotive Services, Comfort Driving Centre, Comfort Garden, Comfort Resources, Comfort Transportation, Comfortdelgro, Comfortdelgro Engineering, Command House, Commerce Point, Commercial Affairs Department,
Commercial Supplies (Far East), Commonwealth Avenue Block 40A Food Centre, Commonwealth Crescent Block 125 Food Centre, Communicable Disease Centre (CDC), Compact Metal Industries, Compaq Centre, Tampines Plaza, Compass (Composers And Authors Society Of Singapore), Compass At Chancery, The, Compass Green, Compass Point, Compassvale Green, Compassvale Primary School, Compassvale Secondary School, Comtrust, Concord Instrument (Former), Concord Primary School, Concorde Building, Concorde Hotel Singapore, Concorde Residences, Concorde Shopping Centre, Concourse, The, Connell Bros Company - Singapore, Conint, Con-Lash Supplies, Conny, Conrad International Centennial Hotel Singapore, Consort Contractor, Construction Industry Training Institute (CITI), Consulate General Of The Federal Democratic Republic Of Ethiopia, Container Printers, Continental Equipment, Continental Plasticizers Chemicals Corporation Pte Ltd, Continental Steel, Control Automation, Convention Centre,
Cookson Semiconductor Packaging, Cooling System And Flexibles, Cameron, Copthorne King's Hotel, Copthorne Orchid Hotel Singapore, Copytron, Coral Park, Coral Secondary School, Corex Building, Cornerstone Community Church, Corona Court, Corona Ville, Coronation Arcade, Coronation Baptist Church, Coronation Communication Centre, Coronation Gardens, Coronation Grove, Coronation Shopping Plaza, Coronation Village, Coronation Ville, Coronation West Park, Corporate Office, The, Corporation Place, Corporation Primary School, Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB), Corus Building Systems, Cosmic Insurance Building, Cosmopolitan, Cosmos Chemical, Costa Del Sol, Costa Rhu, Costa Sands Resort (Pasir Ris Chalet), Cosy 23, Cosy Lodge, Cote D'Azur,
Country Esquire, Country Grandeur, Country Park Condominium, Countryside, The, Country View, Castilla Premium, Courts (Former), Courts (Ang Mo Kio), Courtyard, The, Covenant Church Of Christ, Covenant Community Methodist Church, Covenant Evangelical Free Church, CP Tech, CPA House, CPF, CPF Bishan Building, CPF Building, CPF Jurong Building, CPM/Pacific Pte Ltd, Craft Print International, Craig Place, Cramoil, Crane Court, Crawford Centre, Creative House, Creative Polymer Industries (CPI Building), Creative Technology, Cree Court, Crescendo Building, Crescendo Park, Crescent Building, Crescent Girls' School, Crest@Cairnhill, The, CRI/Criterion Manufacturing Asia Pacific, Crocodile House,
Crosby House, Crown Building, Crown Centre, Crown Equipment, Crown Worlwide, Crystal Court, Crystal Dew, Crystal Freight, Crystal Lodge, Crystal Mansion, Crystal Rhu, Crystal Time Building, Crystal Tower, CS Graphics, CS Industrial Land, CSD Industries, CSI Distribution Centre, CSR, CST Container Services, CTS, Culford Gardens, Cummins, Cummins Power Generation, Cuppage Plaza, Cuppage Terrace, Curzon Lodge, Cuscaden Residences, Custom Warehouse, Customs Operation Centre, CWT Distribution, CWT Distripark (Headquarters), Cyber Centre, Cyberhub, Cycle And Carriage, Cycle And Carriage (Mercedez Benz),
Cycle And Carriage Satellite Service Counter, Cyclect Holdings, Cyclop, C & P, Contact Clinic And Step Registry, Crescendas Logistics, Cycle And Carriages Fulco, Central Granite Service Centre, Canadian International School (High School Campus), Change Alley, CWT Engineering, Clementi Woods Secondary School, Civil Service Club (CSC) - Changi Clubhouse, Civil Service College (CSC) @ Peck Seah, Chop Kiam Huat, Collin's Movers, Chin Lim, CJ Koh Law Library (Former), CP Completion products, Changi Ferry Terminal, Citroen, Chang Ziang Hotel, Changi Point Ferry Terminal, Concentrate Engineering, Church of Saint Joseph, Church Of Saint Michael, City Regency, Church of Saint Stephen, Clyde - IFC Pte Ltd, Camelia, Cogent Container, Chineseunite International School, Civil Service Club (CSC) - Dempsey Clubhouse, Chee Seng Oil Factory, Costa Sands Resort (Sentosa),
CSE Global, Coyuco Building, Catholic Spirituality Centre, Cai Yuan Mansion, Calin Mansions, Calvary Pandan Bible-Presbyterian Church, Camellia Park, Canadian International School - Secondary (Private School), Canossa Convent Primary School, Capital Square Three, Capital Square Two, Central Square / Apartments, Centrepoint Shopping Centre, Ceylon Sports Club, Changi Custom Station (Changi Point), Changi International Exhibition & Convention Centre, Changi Women's Prison / Drug Rehabilitation Centre, Chapel Lodge, Chapel Mansions, Charles Ville, Charming Gardens, Chartered Semi-Conductor Building, Cheers (Geylang Lor 38), Chen Li Presbyterian Church, Chen Su Lan Methodist Children Home, Chestnut Green, Chestnut Ville II, Children's Aid Society (Melrose), Chinatown Plaza/Apartments, Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC Building), Choa Chu Kang Columbarium, Choa Chu Kang Sports Hall, Choa Chu Kang Stadium, Choa Chu Kang Swimming Complex, Chomp Chomp Food Centre,
Choa Chu Kang Combined Temple, Chung Cheng High School (Main), Church Of Our Saviour, Church Of Saint Mary Of The Angels, Church Of The Assemblies Of God Of Singapore (Guilin Building), Cineleisure Orchard, Cintech 2 (Two) Building, Cintech 3 (Three), City Harvest Church In Jurong, Civil Service Club (CSC) - Tessensohn Road Clubhouse, Club Hawaii Resort, Cold Storage (Chancery Court), Cold Storage Jelita, Comfort Mansion, Commonwealth Secondary School (Former), Compass Heights, Construction House, Convent Of Holy Infant Jesus Chapel And Caldwell House (Chijmes), Coral Primary School, Costa Sands Resort (East Coast Chalet), Country View, CPF Tampines Building, Customs Harbour Division Headquarters (Customs Harbour Branch), Cycle and Carriage Satellite Service Centre, Cambridge Child Development Centre, CMM Marketing Management, Crestar Building, Cemetery Chapel Church, Chapel of the Holy Spirit U/C, Chinese Library, Canossian Convent, Cashew Hill, Cemetery Chapel, Ceylon Flats, Cheng Soon Crescent,
Chestnut Avenue Apartments, Chia Garden, Chinatown Theatres, Chinese Kheam Hock Road, Chinese Victoria Park Road, Christian Outreach To The Handicapped, Chu Siang Wah Sua Temple, Chua Chu Kang Bahai, Chua Chu Kang Chinese, Chua Chu Kang Christian, Chua Chu Kang Hindu, Chua Chu Kang Muslim, Choa Chu Kang Parsi Cemetery, Civil Defence Volunteer Training Centre, Clarence Ville, Clinical Trials & Epidemiology Research Unit (CTERU), Commonwealth Theatre, CSTK Building, Commonwealth Car Mall, Cem Machinery, Chip Eng Engineering, Centro Mansions (U/C), Continental Delight Catering Services Pte Ltd, Chuan Soon Huat, Columbarium Saint Teresa's Centre, CHI Systems Singapore Pte. Ltd., Corona Florist And Nursery Pte Ltd, Canossa Convent, Cedarwood Grove Condominium, Cuscaden Walk, Central Place, Changkat Primary School ( Former ), Chinese High Boarding House School, Chemco, Chang Cheng Mee Wah Holdings,
Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies (CSIT) Building, Covenant Presbyterian Church House, Cockpit Hotel (Former), Central Christian Church, Clementi Town Secondary School (Temporary - until Dec 2008), Commonwealth Secondary School, Chen Li Presbyterian Church & Kindergarten, Changi Village Hotel, Chancery Residence, The, Chatsworth Kindergarten, Croda, Central Community (National Library Board) - Former, Citylights (U/C), Chung Cheng High School (Yishun), Carlton Glass Enterprise, Cuno Filter Systems, Cornerstone Training Centre (Aliwal Street), Chong Hock Eating House Food Centre, City Square Residences (U/C), Cellini, CIBA Vision Asian Manufacturing and Logistics Pte Ltd, CK Chua Trading, Colourscan Building, Crown Alliance Industries, Casco Adhesive, Coralinus (U/C), Convenant Vision Centre, Chop Huat Kee, Chelsea Grove, Changi Airport Post Office (PO Box), Chinatown Point Post Office (PO Box), Choa Chu Kang Central Post Office (PO Box), Clementi Central Post Office (PO Box), Covent Garden Post Office (PO Box), Crawford Post Office (PO Box),
Chwee Guan Joss Papers And Candles Trading, Cereal Tech, Candid Water Cooler, Chatsworth International School (East Campus), Changi Lorong 108 Fei Lao Seafood, Choon Heng Transport & Warehousing, Central Mercantile Corporation, Coral Reef Aquarium Manufacture, Choon Hong, Civil Defence Central Supply Base, C&B Aquarium, Choon Metal Machinery, Chin Hua Engineering, Cast Laboratories, Chiang Kiong Maintenance, CEI Contract Manufacturing, Changi Airport Terminal 3 Building, Cosco Marine Engineering, C & P Logistics Hub 1, C & P Logistics Hub II, Civil Service Club (CSC) - Bukit Batok Clubhouse, Crosby House, Cendex Centre (U/C), City Edge, Country Foods, Culina, CWS (Singapore), Costa Sands Resort (Downtown East), Colonial Antique, Concourse Residences, CHIJ Primary School Toa Payoh (Former), CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace - U/C Until June 2007, Cliften, Christ Church Secondary School (Former), Chevrolet StarAuto,
Chrysler, Jeep & Dodge (Lobby 2), Cristofori Music, Corduroy & Finch, Christalite Methodist Chapel, C & P Asia, Chinese Swimming Club, Charcoal Warehouse, Chip Eng Seng Contractor, Courts (Bukit Timah), Community Building, Central Storage Library Annexe, Clough Petrosea P/L, Chasen Logistics Services, Chia Tai, Choa Chu Kang New Town Power Station, Chng Woodworking, Caltex, Cougar, Chin Lin, Chin Hin Group Of Co., Chemson Asia, Ching Soon Industries, CJ Koh Law Library, City Furniture Co., Carltech Trading, Chye Hup Huat Co Sawmill, Che Lin Kee Rattan & Cane Manufacturing, Cheng Fong Enterprise, Cadence Light (U/C - TOP 1 Sep 2007), Carlyx Green, Cube Communications, Citiprop Pacific (Tanglin Village), Carmel Church Camp, Carlyx Residence, Connection One,
Civil Defence Training Centre, Cinegear, Choa Chu Kang Crematorium, CitiWood, Chuan Eng Leong, Chuan Kiat, Craft Print International (Bindery & Logistics), Chee Insulation, CoralFarm, Chat Masala Restaurant, Confetti Flowers & Hampers, Container Printers (before Union Containers), Casualty Collection Station (CCS), Chuan Durn Plastics, Chuan Ann, Chun Chun Manufacturing, Cold Storage, Courts Megastore, Chun Cheng Fishery, C & P, Changi Naval Base (U/C), Custom Airport Branch, Centre for Shared Services (CSS), Cel Coating, Cemac Tong, Commercial Forms, Chemlex (F E), Cheong Wai Engineering, Chem-Grow, Clementi Woods Condominium, C & W Electronics, Centurion 12 (U/C), Charles & Keith Building, Cuscaden Royale (U/C), Colt,
Chong Hock Eating House Food Centre, Chinatown Complex Temporary Market & Food Centre, CHIJ (Katong) Primary School, CPV Industrial Supply Pte Ltd, Compass Property U/C, Chalet J (East Coast Resort), Chalet L (East Coast Resort), Chalet P (East Coast Resort), Chalet N (East Coast Resort), Chalet M (East Coast Resort), Chalet Q (East Coast Resort), Chalet R (East Coast Resort), Chalet S (East Coast Resort), Chalet U (East Coast Resort), Chalet T (East Coast Resort), Chalet A (East Coast Resort), Chalet B (East Coast Resort), Chalet C (East Coast Resort), Chalet D (East Coast Resort), Chalet E (East Coast Resort), Chalet F (East Coast Resort), Chalet G (East Coast Resort), Chalet H (East Coast Resort), Chalet K (East Coast Resort), CWT (U/C), Celebrities Resort Club, Carabelle (U/C), Cetco, Cool Dynamics, Chang Korean BBQ Restaurant (Tanglin Village)