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Singapore Building Names starting with Alphabet A
A & G Industrial Gas Trading Pte Ltd, A & W Drive-In Kallang Rest, A Travellers Rest-Stop (Hostel), A&G Yes Chinatown Hotel, A'zone, A-Marine, A-Marine And Engineering, A-Z Building, A.I.M. Chemical Industries, A.K Lee Enterprises, AA Pack Industries, AAF Singapore, Aalst Chocolate, Aardwolf Pestkare, Abacus Plaza, ABB Industry (Transformer Manufacturing), ABB Industry (Turbochargers & Service Division), ABB Industry Pte Ltd, ABB Vetco Gray, ABC Brickworks Food Centre, Abelia, ABN AMRO Banking Centre, Abode At Devonshire, The, ABR Building, Abrasive Engineering, Absco, Abundant Grace Presbyterian Church, Abundant Life Family Church, ABV Industrial Building, ABX Logistics Singapore, AC Equipments, Acacia Lodge, Acacia Restaurant, Access Systems Technology, Accident & Emergency Centre,
Accord Apartments, Accord Famous Distri Centre, Accord Hotel, Ace Building, Ace Dynamics, Ace Equipment, Ace Pressureweld International, Ace The Place Community Club/Centre @ Admiralty (CC), Aceford Food Industries, Acer Computer, Acetech Centre, ACL, ACMA Engineers, Acme, Acme Equipment, Acme Packaging, ACP Metal, ACP Metal Finishing Pte Ltd, Acrocorp Group, ACS, ACS House, Action Theatre (Theatre Oasis), Active Decor, Ad Graphic, Adam Food Centre, Adam Park Condominium, Adam Place, Adam Road Hospital, Adam Road Presbyterian Church Centre, Adam Skyconnection Airlines, Adampak, Adaptec Building, ADC Logistics Export Processing Zone (ADC EPZ), Adcomat, Additive,
Adeka, Adelphi Hill Garden, Adelphi Park Estate, Adex Zonex (AZ), Adis Villas, Adisseo, ADL Building, ADM Cocoa, Admiral Garden Community Centre (CC), Admiralty Health Spa De Sauna, Admiralty Industrial Park, Admiralty International Marketing, Admiralty Place, Admiralty Primary School, Admiralty Resort And Country Club, Admiralty Secondary School, Admiralty West Prison, ADSD Complex, Advance Apartment, Advance Automobile (Citroen), Advance Building, Advance Carton, Advance Flat Panel Display (AFPD) Pte Ltd, Advance Integrated Manufacturing Corporation (AMC), Advance Micro Devices (AMD), Advance SCT Ltd, Advance Surface Industries, Advanced Marine (Am), Advanced Material Engineering Pte Ltd, Advanced Materials Technologies (AMT), Advantek Products, AE Hydraulic, AE Hydraulic, AEC Centre, AEC-Open Learning (Private School),
Aegis Equipment, AEI Corp, AEM-Tech Building, Aero Ability, Aero Laundry And Linen Services, Aero Supplies Systems Engineering, Aero-Green Technology, Aerogaz, Affluence Court, AFLCC, AFP Warehouse, Afro-Asia Building, Agape Counselling Centre, Aggregates Engineering, Agilent Technologies, Agnos Chemicals, Ah Boon Civil Engineering & Building Contractor, Ah Chew Hotel, Ah Lam Engineering Works Machinery, Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School, Ai Tong School, AIA Alexandra, AIA Building, AIA Changi, AIA Tanjong Pagar Agency Offices/Office, AIA Tower, AIG Building, Aik Hock Hardware, Aik Hua Food Industries, Aik Kee Chan, Aik Khoon Tyre And Battery, Aik Moh, Aik Soon Hardware, Air Engineering Training Institute (U/C),
Air Force Museum, Air Force Museum (U/C), Air Force School, Air Products, Air View Building, Air View Hotel, Airclaims Services (F E) Pte Ltd, Airfoil Technologies Singapore, Airline House, Airmail Transit Centre, Airmail Transit Centre Post Office (PO Box), Airport Fire Station (Main), Airport Fire Station 1, Airport Fire Station 2, Airport Fire Sub-Station 3, Airport Logistics Parks of Singapore, Airport Police Station, Airtrade Systems, Airview Park, Airview Towers, AIS Industrial Building, AIT Academy And Unicampus, Stamford Campus, Ajinomoto Building, Akati Impex, Akebono, Akebono Okaya, AKM Asia, AKSA Far East Pte Ltd, Aktio Singapore, Akzo Nobel, Al Forno (East Coast), Al Sus, Al-Khairiah Islamic School (Private School), Alaturka, Albany, The,
Albert Centre Market And Food Centre, Albert Complex, Albert Court Hotel (Albert Court), Albert House, Aldea Blanca, Aldersgate Methodist Church, Aldon Technologies Services P/L, Alegria Boutique Apartments, Alessandrea, Alexandra Centre, Alexandra Day Centre, Alexandra Distripark, Block 1, Alexandra Distripark, Block 2, Alexandra Distripark, Block 3, Alexandra Fire Station, Alexandra Industrial Estate, Alexandra Park Centre, Alexandra Point, Alexandra Post Office, Alexandra Post Office (PO Box), Alexandra Psychiatric Clinic, Alexandra Technopark, Alfa Centre, Alfa Laval Singapore, Alfa Romeo Building, Aliwal Park Hotel, Aljunied Avenue 2 Block 117 Market And Food Centre, Aljunied Community Club/Centre (CC), Aljunied Industrial Complex, Aljunied Industrial Estate, Aljunied Town Council (Head Office), Alkaff Mansion (Former), All Saints Chapel, All Saints Church, All Saints Home,
Allamanda Grove, Allan Ville, Alliance Building, Alliance Cold Storage, Alliance Concrete, Alliance Francaise De Singapour, Allied Container, Allied Pickfords, Allied Technologies, Allied Telesyn, Allinton, Alloys International, Allson Hotel, Allsworth Park, Almech Engineering (U/C), Almech Hardware Engineering, Alocassia Apartments, Aloha Resort Changi, Aloha Resort Loyang, Alpha Apartments, Alpha Building, Alpha Industrial Building, Alpha Metals Singapore, Alpha Pacific Petroleum, Alsagoff Arab School (Private School), ALTA Technology, Altazzag Egyptian Restaurant, Alteco Chemical, Alternative Bar, Alton International, Altus, Altvater, Altvater Jakob (Sulo Group), Alum Coat, Alumni Medical Centre,
Aluputer Industrial, Alwyn Park, Am Paint Specialist, Amaninda, Amanusa, Amar Raj House, Amara Corporate Tower, The, Amara Shopping Centre, Amaranda Gardens, Amaryllis Ville Condominium, Ambassador Transit Hotel Terminal One, Amber Apartments, Amber Gardens, Amber Glades, Amber Glory Service Apartment, Amber Hotel, Amber Lodge, Amber Park, Amber Point, Amber Towers, Amberville, Ambrosia Cafe, AMCIS House, Amcor, Amcor Fibre Packaging Asia, Amcor Flexibles Singapore, Amcor Rentsch, AMD Marine And Engineering Services, American Biltrite, American Club,The, American Equipment Services, American International Industries, American Women's Association Singapore (American Club), Ameron, AMF,
Amirah's Grill Restaurant & Cafe, Amitabha Buddhist Centre, Amitabha Building, AMK Techlink, Ammunition Command Camp I, Amoy Canning, Amoy Quee Camp, Amoy Street Market And Food Centre, Ampas Apartments, Ampoc Enterprise, Ampor Singapore, Amrise Hotel, Amsen International Hostel, Amsterdam Apartment, Amtech Building, Amtek, Amtek Engineering, Amtek Industries, Amyton Court, An Chuan Building, An-Le Temple, ANA Hotel Singapore, Ananda Bhavan Restaurant, Anbros Industries (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Anchor Gardens, Anchor Marine, Anchorage Condominium, The, Anchorpoint, Anchorvale Community Centre (CC), Anderson 18, Anderson Junior College (AJC), Anderson Primary School, Anderson Secondary School, Andriz, Ang Ah Lim Machinery,
Ang Brothers, Ang Chee Sia Ong Temple, Ang Kah Hoe, Ang Mo Kio (AMK) Autopoint, Ang Mo Kio (AMK) Tech 1, Ang Mo Kio (AMK) Tech II, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 Block 226H Market And Food Centre, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 Block 341 Market And Food Centre, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 Block 409 Market And Food Centre, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 Block 453A Market And Food Centre, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 Block 527 Market And Food Centre, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 Block 160 Market, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 Block 628 Market And Food Centre, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 Block 724 Market And Food Centre, Ang Mo Kio Block 162 Market And Food Centre, Ang Mo Kio Block 226D Market And Food Centre, Ang Mo Kio Central Post Office (PO Box), Ang Mo Kio Community Centre (CC), Ang Mo Kio Community Library, Ang Mo Kio Fire Station, Ang Mo Kio Floral And Landscape, Ang Mo Kio Gospel Hall (Chinese Assembly), Ang Mo Kio Hub, Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park, Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park I, Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church, Ang Mo Kio National Community Library, Ang Mo Kio North Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC), Ang Mo Kio Primary School, Ang Mo Kio Secondary School, Ang Mo Kio South Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC), Ang Mo Kio Swimming Complex, Ang Mo Kio Swimming Pool Complex, Ang Mo Kio Town Council (Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 Office), Ang Mo Kio Town Council (Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 Office),
Ang Mo Kio Town Council (Collection Office), Ang Mo Kio Town Council (Yishun Office), Ang Siu Liu Shipyard, Ang Timber Company, Angie The Choice (ATC) 2006, Angkasa Hong Leong, Anglican High School, Anglican House, Angliss Singapore, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC), Anglo-Chinese Junior School, Anglo-Chinese Primary School (ACSP Barker Road), Anglo-Chinese School, Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road), Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Boarding School, Anglo-Chinese School (International), Angsana, Angsana Park, Angullia Heights, Angullia Mansions, Animal And Plant Health Centre, ANIXTER, Anjappar, Ankzo Nobel, Ann Chuan Building, Ann Chuan Complex, Ann Kway Building, Ann Siang 47, Anna Illam, Annaik Limited, ANS Plumbing, Ansar Gardens, Anshern Agriculture Services, Anson Centre,
Anson House, Anson Mechanical Engineering, Antalis Singapore, Antar Cranes, Antara Koh, Ao Jiang Apartments, AOS Building, AOS Industrial Building, AP Oil International, APAC Packaging, Apartment 8, Apeco, Apemco, Apex Harmony Lodge, Apex Tower, APG Building, Apico Industrial Building, Apleton View, APLS Bok Seng Heavy Vehicle Park, APLS Boksing, APM Building, Apollo Aquarium, Apollo Centre, Apollo Gardens, Apostolic Church Of Singapore, APP Enterprise Building, Apple Computers, Applied Chemical, Applied Engineering, Applied Materials, Applied Movers & Trading, Appollo Sellappas, APS Building, APS Industrial Building, APSN (Association For Persons With Special Needs),
APSN (Chaoyang Special School), APSN (Chaoyang Special School) (Former), APSN (Delta Senior School), APSN (Jervois Senior School), APSN (Katong Special School), APSN (Tanglin Special School), Aqua Fauna Center, Aqua Fauna Fish Industries, Aqua-Terra, Aquaculture F.A.M.E, Aquamarin Aquatic Pets, Aquamarine Tower, Aquarine Gardens, Aquarium Harmony, Aquarium Liberty, Aquarius By The Park, Aquaworld Tropical Fish, AR-JAS Sports Centre, Aramsa - The Garden Spa (Bishan Park 2), Aranda Country Club, Arang Court, Archery Club of Singapore, Ardex, Ardisia Gardens, Ardmore II (U/C - TOP 31 December 2010), Ardmore Park Luxury Apartments, Ardmore Point, Areca, The, Arian Engineering Corporation, Ark Engineering, Armadale, The, Armenian Church of Saint Gregory The Illuminator, Armorcoat International Building, Armorcoat Technologies Building, Armster Pte Ltd,
Armstrong Industrial Corporation Ltd, Army Camp (Former), Army Logistic Base, Aroma Chemical Pte Ltd, Aroozoo Park, Art Maker, Arthur 118, Arthur Mansions, Arts House, The, Arulmigu Murugan Temple, Arulmigu Velmurugan Gnana Muneeswaran Temple, Arwaa Mansion, ASA, Asahi Chemical, Asahi Solder, Asahi Techno Vision Singapore Pte Ltd, Asahi TV Glass, Ascension Church, Ascent Media, Ascott Singapore Raffles Place, Ashland Drew Ameroid, Ashley Green, Asia Brick Factory (Former), Asia Chambers, Asia Enterprise (Warehouse), Asia Enterprise Pte Ltd, Asia Foundry & Engineering, Asia Gardens, Asia Garment Manufacturer Pte Ltd, Asia Industrial Gases, Asia Insurance Building (A.I), Asia Link Marine Industries, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Secretariat, Asia Paint Singapore Pte Ltd, Asia Passion (Tanglin Village),
Asia Polyurethane Manufacturing, Asia Radio Building, Asia Rattan Trading, Asia Star Hotel, Asia Star Investment, Asia Steel Welded Mesh Corporation, Asia Ted, Asia Tractor, Asia-Beni Steel Industries, Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), Asiagroup Leasing, Asian Electronic Technology Pte Ltd, Asian Golf Academy, Asian Micro Holdings, Asian Sealand Engineering, Asian Steel, Asian Surface Technologies P/L, Asian Women's Welfare Association (AWWA), Asian Women's Welfare Association (AWWA) Family Service Centre, Asian Women's Welfare Association (AWWA) Special School (Former), Asiatic, Asiatic Agricultural Industries, Asiatic Fire System, Asiatic Panel, Asiatique Collection (Tanglin Village), Asiawide Industrial Building, Asimont Gardens, ASJ Pte Ltd, ASK Singapore, ASM Technology, Aso Building, Aspen Heights, Aspen Loft, Asphodel Inn, ASSAB,
Assembleon, Assisi Home And Hospice, Associated KHL Industries, Associated Spring Asia, Association Building, Association For The Subnormal, Assumption English School, Assumption Vocational Institute, Aston Lodge, Aston Mansions, Aston Packaging, Astor (U/C - TOP 31 Dec 2009), Astor Green, Astoria Apartments, Astoria Park, Astrabon (Former), Astrid Meadows, Astridville, Astro Hotel, Asuka Colour Technologies, Aswell (FE) Pte Ltd, AT & T Building, Athena Ville, Atland House, Atlantic Oil Manufacturing, Atlantic Sports, Atlantis Lodge (U/C), Atlas Aquarium, Atlas Copco, Atlas Paper Product, Atotech South East Asia, ATR Eastern Support, Atrium Residences (U/C), Atron Building, ATS,
Atsuma Industrial Engineering, ATT Building, Audex, Audi, Aura Park, Auric Pacific Marketing, Austral View, Australian Fruit Juice, Australian High Commission, Australian International School (Private School), Auto Eurokars Building, Auto Kultur, Autoacc Trading, Autobacs Venture, Automobile Association Of Singapore (AA Centre) (Head Office), Automobile Association Of Singapore (AAS), Automobile Megamart (AML Building), Automotive Technology Pte Ltd, Autoveyor, Autron Corporation, Autumn Glory, Autumn Ten, Auyin, AVA Orchid And Ornamental Plants Research & Services Centre, AVA Sembawang Research Station Agrifood And Veterinary Authority Of Singapore, AVA Towers, Avalon, Avaplas, Avari Centre, Aventis Pharma Manufacturing Pte Ltd (Sanofi aventis Group), Avenue Villa, AVI-Tech Electronics Building, Avifauna Bird Farm, AVIL Systems & Services, Avila Gardens,
Avila Terrace, Avon Park, AW Transport & Warehousing Pte Ltd, AXA Life Building, Axis @ Siglap (U/C), Axis Industrial Centre, Ayer Rajah Amenity Centre, Ayer Rajah Camp, Ayer Rajah Community Centre (CC), Ayer Rajah Day Care Centre, Ayer Rajah Food Centre I, Ayer Rajah Food Centre III (3), Ayer Rajah Medical Centre, Ayer Rajah School Care Centre, Ayer Rajah Telecommunication Complex, Azalea Park Condominium, Azen Manufacturing, Azen Manufacturing, Aztech Building, Aztech Heat Exchangers, Azuma Engineering, Azuma Engineering (Former), Azumi